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Jail House Crock

Elvis is spinning in his grave.

Sleeveless Striped Romper: $22.80

This woman was booked on charges on Excessive Camel Toe and convicted of Wearing What Looks Like Old Timey Jail Pajamas in the Third Degree.

The papers called it a “crime of fashion.”

Forever 21, WTF?



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Super Skank

My slutty sense is tingling.

Hookers who also moonlight as super heroes, this one’s for you.

Street Walking Crime Fighter Romper: $19.80

I guess prostitutes and super heroes have a lot in common.

One prowls the night looking for bad men to take downtown.

One prowls the night looking for bad men who go downtown.

They both usually have a flamboyantly dressed sidekick who swoops in to save them when they get into trouble.

And they both work on the outskirts of the law and use handcuffs on the regular.

Throw a cape on that romper and you’ve got yourself an elegant transition from giving BJs to being Batgirl.

Forever 21, WTF?


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