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WTF is Wrong with Me?

Maybe it’s the loving glow that Valentine’s Day has cast upon me this year, but I am kind of liking this jumpsuit.

Strapless Knit Jumper: $15.50

It just feels so sexy and 70’s, like something Bianca Jagger or a young Anjelica Huston would lounge around in by the pool.

On the other hand, it’s all fun and games until someone walks in on you in the cabana bathroom taking a piss with your tits out because this thing is too impractical to be in more than one piece.

You decide.



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WTF do you Think?

As anyone who ever turned on the radio in 2005 knows, it can, indeed, be hard out here for a pimp.

SO, I am thinking about slapping some Adsense on the blog as a side dish to all this WTF.

This is mostly so I can give away more fashions from Forever 21, both fantastic and totally fucked.

Just imagine … all this could someday be yours:

Zebra Print Canvas Flats: $12.80

Flower Print Jumpsuit: $24.80

Three Compartment Rose Wallet: $9.80

Think about it.


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