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For the stylish Fishmonger

Ladies & Fisherman, please gather round!

Knit Fringe Poncho: $19.80

This hot to trot poncho is perfect for catching boys AND tuna. Reel ’em with this neon stunner. Keep those fellas AND those fish dangling on your line. Have them gasping for air as they look up at you through their frightened and dimming eyes, fins flailing desperately as they wriggle for their lives in the luxurious, dayglow net of their demise.

That last one is mainly for the fish.

Forever 21, Why Do You Hate Sea Creatures?



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WTFresh Hell is this?

Price: $26.00

Is that an old fisherman’s net with little peices of trash  and carp scales bundled together at the collar? Are those yarn loops?

Nope. Just trash.

This thing looks like a piece from Mugatu’s Derelicte campaign.

Forever 21,



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