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WTFrilly Skirt Scandal

Once again, Forever 21’s left-over fabric Frankenstein garments make an appearance.

Mixed Patterns Skirt: $19.80

I can see the angry villagers with their pitchforks and fire sticks approaching.

This skirt is taking “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” a little too far.

Let’s see here. Unnecessary lace trim? Check.

Floral prints butted up against polka dots? Check.

Patterns that should never be worn in the same OUTFIT much less be SEWN together on the same skirt? CHECK.

Forever 21, WTF.



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WTFrankenstein dress

This is my nightmare.


Price: $24.80

A hideous Frankenstein monster of a garment that looks more like an amateur attempt at sewing than a mass produced, professionally designed clothing item.

Out of control ugly, mini floral print tank top with a most unflattering mini bubble skirt with random pickups.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any more WTFucky, they slap a bow on the side.

This dress is the equivalent of your cat dropping a mangled mouse corpse at your feet and then looking up at you, as if to say, “Ta-dah.”

Forever 21, bad kitteh!


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