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Get It Now!

Get what now?

A job having my g-string plugged with sweaty dollar bills or a communicable disease? I spied this selection of busted ass stripper heels on the top floor of a Forever 21. Most of them were soiled in some fashion, and all of them looked as if they had been worn. To the club. Many times. Until closing.

Check out these gems. Sky-high, red feathered shoes, ripe for the picking. You’d have to be a fool or someone who doesn’t like getting a stranger’s foot crust on you not to buy these!

And these! Electric blue and heavy on attitude.

And dirt.

It was hard to tell just by looking at them, but I am guessing these shoes may have been the shoes below at some point in history.

Suedette High Cone Heels: $22.80

 The years, they have not been kind.

Forever 21, WTF?



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WTFeathery Cape

Oh, this old thing?

Feather Cape with Brooch: $39.00

Just something I had laying around.

In case I attend a black tie gala or an orgy on Sesame Street.

I’d like to fit in.

Forever 21, WTF?


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Birds Of A Feather Headwrap


This shit is so ridiculous they didn’t even DARE to have it featured on a model. Can you imagine the balls required to actually wear this thing and be photographed trying to keep a straight face, knowing your image, your mug, is going to be punctuated by a tuft of feathers that very closely resembles a discount cat toy?

Me effing either.

Price: $7.80

Forever 21, WTF?

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