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  1. jaelle

    I just love this dress, it reminds me of the late 80’s on a hot night on the backstreets of LA, y’know when I used to pick up tricks. Hah. I think I might get this to be one of Charlie Sheen’s “goddesses” for Halloween. WTF

  2. Rachel

    Just found your blog and am addicted, I recently got a job at the new Forever21 store in London and am in complete agreement with every single thing you post. Unfortunately I need the money so will have to continue to surround myself with the horrific crap they sell, but at least I can go in to work with the knowledge that I’m not the only one wanting to cut up all their shirts when nobody’s looking. 🙂

  3. skinned alive

    Sometimes its hard to stop laughing when I visit this site, but I have a wtForever21 moment wearing their “boots” that had absolutley no traction, & ended up not only making me fall but literally ripped my forever 21 pants to skin my knees. The sick thing is I wore them again only wearing soles & this time I was wearing luxurious Old Navy pants that didn’t rip, but my fall was so hard that I skinned my knees again. Only forever21 can make old navy be high quality in comparison.

    • ringtheory

      LMFAO! Haha. Oh wow. Bucket pants. I guess maybe they’re meant for gathering apples or other fruit or maybe carrying puppies and leaving your hands free? Nonsense. Lol so good.

  4. Emily

    the whole ‘abstract’ thing has been covered by you before, but here is another wonderful example of Forever21’s blatant use of the word as a synonym for shitty.

  5. Anonymous

    Did they run out of vowels for the word “Sleeveless”?
    “Slvls Contrast Tunic”

    What an ugly outfit.

    I’d call it “Birth Control Tunic”

  6. nikki

    just saw this the other day and i laughed for ages. i love forever 21, but this is all s true!!
    everything is wrong with this, including the depressed model-

    • anonymous

      Three words: Oscar. The. Grouch.

      • Rachel

        I love how it says “This plush faux fur vest is sure to keep you warm through the cold weather months.”

        No, you idiots, it won’t. It doesn’t even have sleeves!
        What a laughable mess.

  7. Anonymous

    This is something to poke fun at. Working in the fashion industry I know how its common to scan in prints or use runway photos, but this should be for reference, then you rework it to make it your own, so it looks inspired by or similar to the idea. Not just simply photocopy and call it a day.

  8. Anonymous

    tonight, i was scrolling through the plus size pages, mind you, some of the stuff was okay.
    then this caught my eye, and yeah, if you see it, you’ll understand

    mind you its the canadian forever21, not sure if it’s all the same.


  9. y

    I saw this shirt today and thought it was the stupidest thing.

    Of course it’s breezy. There’s is such a lack of material.

  10. The Duck

    Do you know of that they rip off designers without compensation? They stole from artist R.Land

  11. Anonymous

    FUNNY, The blog that isnt really a blog, nice guerilla marketing Forever21.

  12. Anonymous

    you are hilariousss

  13. I often find Forever 21 hit or miss–I find your blog a welcoming and refreshing outlet and shall venture here often.

    Feel free to take a glance over at my blog, Common Cents–My Two Cents on Common Sense–if you get a chance!

  14. dhdbwls89

    I would like to see your fashion style.
    you should have open perspective about design and fashion,
    after all it’s art and creative elements.

    just because YOU think it’s horrible doesn’t mean that everyone who enjoys it have LESS sense of fashion.
    Architecture for example have numerous designs and styles,
    starting from simple lined modern architecture to frank gerry’s crazy forms.

    clothing could be like that too.
    it can have colors different form and style.

    maybe if you change this site to making the wrong things you see and turn them into something cute or beautiful or prove to people that if you wear it in different ways it can turn out better or something.

    Use your critical eyes and change it to better, not just complain.
    you should critique a “work” and tell its problems but also solutions.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, Really? Harem pants? Baby sweaters? Sequined tube tops? Did you read through this blog or did you just immediatly steer yourself to the contact section to made a poorly thoughtout argument against the site? She points out that most of her wardrobe is from the store, and she posts several entries about the clothing that is fashionable and chic that they make. Many of the other readers that comment have seen the purpose of her calling them out on the pieces that are almost tragic. I’d like to see you wear the clothes that she points out as being utterly ridiculous and obviously a fleeting trend for a REASON, and not be ridiculed by everyone around you. Then maybe your comment about her judgement could be justified.

    • Anonymous

      just because YOU don’t like it doesn’t mean the rest of us don’t thoroughly enjoy a good roast on F21’s sometimes crazy fashion. So maybe you could just STFU and get off the site if you don’t like it…oh and BTW there is nothing worse than a loud-mouth debbie downer who allllwaaaaysssss has something to say about evvverrryyythinnnggssssss to ruin people’s fun. chill out.

  15. Anonymous

    wish i could offer more help, think it is crazy that anyone can “claim” a phrase – have dealt with that from another company that involves discounted spa services I wish that I could support you more. I believe in everyone being about to understand that it is a fun site and that they should use this as advice as to what to sell and what just does not make any sense

  16. Anonymous

    Seriously, I love this site. The write-ups are hilarious, witty, and spot-on.

    So proud you haven’t bent and taken down this blog.

    Forever 21: Where you’ll need at least 3 hours to spend $13 wisely.

  17. Anonymous

    i dont understand the point of this site at all….the majority of my cute, fashionable clothes are from this store, and i get more compliments on them than my pricier items, sure thye make some ugly stuff but who doesn’t? they provide cheap, cute clothes and accessories to people that can’t afford expensive things, and to people like me who don’t always feel like spending a lot of money. get a life.

    • Yola

      If you read the site for more than 3 seconds you’d see it’s not ALL a dig at Forever 21. It’s one person’s opinion about a retail chain’s often ridicule worthy attempts at judging the pulse of their demographic and often missing the mark. Why should a retail chain insult their customer by producing affordable, but hideous clothing? Granted, sometimes forever 21 merchandise is very chic. But the amount of crap they flood into their stores makes it hard to wade through it all to find the things I actually WANT to buy. Forever 21 insults their customer with some of their idiotic manufacturing choices knowing someone, somewhere, is probably going to buy it because they can’t afford better. To me? That’s just socially irresponsible.

      The point of this blog is that it’s a place to share personal ideas via the web. So perhaps the author can “get a life” and you can get a dictionary .

  18. Fight the cheap fashion empire, girl! Seriously boycotting Forever 21 until they a.) stop labeling everything confusing and or ugly as abstract and b.) learn to laugh at themselves.

  19. Ann

    Don’t put down this site! FREEDOM OF SPEECH!! You are entitled to your opinion. THIS IS A DEMOCRACY. NOT A DICTATORSHIP!! I’m sick of these corporations and their tyranny.

    Forever21 is just making themselves look BAD by trying to CONTROL your opinion on things. This news about them suing you is making me want to boycott them. They are digging their own grave. SMH…

  20. Anonymous

    PLEEEEEEEASE don’t take down this site!!!!!!!

    if you take this to court, there’s at least a 90% chance they’ll just sentence forever 21 to stop making hideous clothes…

  21. digiri

    Keep your chin up! You are on the right side of free speech!

  22. A new fan

    The amazing thing about the internet these days is that bullies like Century21 never get away with pulling this kind of crap. Things happen these days in the public eye and the awesome thing about these public forums is that you can get actual support from a large number of people and let reason triumph. Don’t be afraid to stand your ground because they are wrong. If I had gone public with the way companies and even bosses took advantage of me these people would have been exposed for the immoral bastards they truly are — so stand up for yourself and heck, these dolts just gave you free advertizing!

  23. Joy

    Fight for yours and our Freedom of Speech. Don’t backdown or be pushed around.

    You have a right to your opinion and to share it. Thank you and stand up for what America is about. Right a book as fast as you can and make some good money from it, I would buy that book.

  24. Forever a headache

    Big thanks for calling them out!!! A lot of their merchandise is a joke! Just by calling you out they made themselves look like a joke. They have a huge history of ripping off other designers it’s time they get a payback. I feel just about everyone is on your side! u go girl!

  25. Rachel

    Wow, Forever 21 really need to remove that giant stick from their ass and maybe start making clothing that more people will buy instead of infringing on your right to freedom of speech to make a quick buck. I love this website and if you do end up closing it down, you should for sure open up a clandestine ‘speak-easy’ -esque blog where you can continue speaking your mind without this treatment from a company that is having a childish temper tantrum over a matter of opinion. Stay with it.


    Rachel ( its my name too!)

    • Anonymous

      Rachel, grats bimbo for having the same name as this goofball! Do you realize another 750,000 people probably have the same name as you!? WOW WE!!


      • Melissa

        FromEast2West, how immature of you! You are an employee of Forever 21 and your idiotic comments are just adding to the incompetence of the company. You have nothing to say about the real issue, don’t you? Stop the bullying then.

      • Rachel

        Like, omigosh, East2West! I had NO IDEA that there are plenty of people in the world named Rachel. I totally thought that she and I were the only ones! What a huge bimbo I am! Thank you for taking some time out of your very busy schedule to be a troll and point out my grave error.

        ‘Grats’ to you for being the smartest one on this message board! Your life must have so much meaning now. WOW WE!!


  26. LemonJuice

    Why are you surprised that forever 21 makes shit clothes. They never claimed to be anything but. It’s cheap and temporary for people who dont want to spend a fortune on flash trends. The trends themselves are what’s stupid the company is just making money off of it. All of your (understandable) complaints about their faux ethnic merchandise is better directed toward the larger fashion industry and their lack of awareness and accuracy. F21 is not inventing these values, people that have already fallen for them are looking to score cheaply. Your time would be better spent mocking fashion trends themselves or the fashion industry in general. That’s like mocking McDonald’s for bad food. it’s a given. You kind of deserve to be sued for being dumb enough to make this kind of huge mistake.

    • Simon

      Lemonjuice, This is about Freedom of Speech, not about this blog making sense to you or not. This is about ABUSE OF POWER. Stop looking for reasons to defend Forever 21. They are the ones committing an infringement of basic human rights!

    • Teresa

      and what about Forever 21’s disgraceful ways of producing merchandise in foreign countries? they don’t follow basic human right procedures for that either. i don’t shop there because of that. they are also being sued for copying designer products from designers like Jeffrey Campbell whose currently suing forever 21. Read it here:

      Forever 21 is not going anywhere with this. they are just bullying the blogger. shame on them!

  27. Kristen

    Your site is hilarious! You should do stand-up! I love it! Keep it up!

  28. If Forever 21 keeps bullying you with their alleged lawsuit, we should all consider a massive boycott. How dare they bully a customer like this! Who do they think they are!

  29. You are most certainly allowed to have a website that comments or critiques Forever 21. Any claim of trademark infringement or copyright infringement is just bullying in the hopes that you wont know the law and will just take down your site.

    Good luck and stay strong!

  30. Stay strong Rachel! Hopefully F21 will just blow away…

    posted over at Zenfaster….

  31. Michelle

    This site is amayyyyyzing! In a weird, twisted way, I’m glad that F21 filed this completely insane, petty lawsuit b/c without it being filed and becoming news!

    Keep up the awesome work! 🙂

  32. Anonymous

    Hey Rachel, Don’t stop your opinions for some people whom may not appreciate the true context of a writer… Besides, they should be paying you to talk about their products lol..

    Forever 21 or we as man like to cal it… ” The Place where 50 year old Woman, think they’re young ” lol..

    Keep it up 🙂

  33. Hey Rachel,

    Write on!

    Love your site.

    The publicity is fab so RIDE IT.

  34. CraxyD

    You made it to
    You’re famous now. Tell them to come get some!

  35. Anonymous

    Satire. Protected Speech. Not illegal to critique a store’s wares and post about them on the innernetts. Also not illegal to parody the store’s name to do so. Tell them crybabies to man up and PAY YOU for all this nonsense.

  36. laura

    you are a riot. i think i love you. ❤

  37. Bri

    Hey Rachel, satire is legally protected– you’re not doing anything wrong. In fact, in MANY jurisdictions, what Forever21 is doing IS wrong– legally. Wikipedia “SLAPP” for more information. Then contact the First Amendment Project for support in fighting this kind of bullying:

    Good luck, great site!

  38. Not Ur Mom

    Comment on one of the blogs where I read about the June 10 deadline suggested WFTMalls as a new site name. I checked and it isn’t taken. Go for it. There are many other stores which need to be mocked at the mall… May the farce be with you.

  39. Mina

    I’m so sorry to hear that you’re being threatened with a lawsuit! I love this site. It’s not your fault that they make fugly clothes (some of the time). I hope everything works out!

  40. Barbara Streisand

    Heard about this site through Jezebel. Hilarious. Pretty sure your usage falls under parody and/or critique. Free speech forever!

  41. T

    I didn’t realize I could post anywhere but the clothing comments! Please don’t shut this shizz down! Your literally the funniest person! Your protected by the law!!! Trust me by fiancée is a cop!

    PS. Set up a paypal, I’d gladly donate. I hate when huge corporations try and silence their critics! You even shop there and show things you like! Screw them!

    • Anonymous

      Bet you still eat at chain food joints like Friday’s and McDonalds….you are such a hipster.


  42. Oh! Wait! I do disagree with one thing,

    So cute! The way they have it syled is a little shabby, but it reminds me of vaction wear!

  43. “Oh. My. Gah”!!! Lol. I also found your site because of the press coverage and LOVE IT! LOVE IT!

    Oddly enough, your posts are reality unedited. When something is amazing, you say it. When a trend has expired, or a design is clearly not going to develop into a trend, you say it.

    The company SHOULD be inviting you on as a consultant!

    And wasnt Starbucks able to live with their site started by employees who wanted to gripe and unsatisfied customers even started to chime in- and Starbucks accepted the site AND Howard Schultz even posts sometimes! Right?


    I love F21 too!


    What is this blog in violation of? I mean, I wonder what the lawyers/law calls this type of thing? WTF? Lol idk good luck!

  44. keep this site alive, its hilarious and it tells the truth!! love it

  45. Joy

    Aww I just found out about this site. 😦

    I just wanna know why? Like who thought this was a good idea? This necklace is the things nightmares are made of.

    And whose puppy did they model this necklace after? And why does he look like a depressed horse?

    Seriously, Forever21 has to know their site has way too much WTFness on it for there not to be a blog to make fun of it all.

  46. Shanny

    I just discovered your blog (because of the online press coverage) and I LOVE it! I truly hope there is a way for you to continue. I love your comments and you made me, and many others, laugh. I dislike it when the big corporations bully the small bloggers. Please consider a name alteration- you probably have an increase in traffic as it is.

  47. Calibri

    Hey, do you have a PayPal fund or something set up to take donations for legal fees?

    • ringtheory

      Hi Calibri – no, I didn’t even consider that! I’ve never tried to seriously collect money from this site and I wouldn’t want to start asking for handouts now, especially if I don’t get enough to really make a difference. I wouldn’t want to take people’s money for no reason. Thank you for reading though. Keep the WTF alive!

  48. Anne

    Parody is protected free speech. There is plenty of law on that. Corporations are forced to aggressively defend copyright, so you might have to go to court. Meanwhile Forever21’s reputation can and will suffer greatly by bringing suit against you. Start taking offers for representation now. With an expert in this area, it is worth some short term grief (you might get a book out of it.)

    An expert should be able to reconcile these conflicting interests–the public right to free speech vs. a corporate right to copyright/trademark. Humm, I wonder which view will be more popular with female shoppers?

  49. Anne

    Get on twitter NOW if you aren’t, you are going to go viral. I just saw your blurb on the news. Your site is fun and clever but the suits don’t get it. I joined your email list. It is for lovers and haters, and the suits don’t get that. They should have been putting ads on your site, now all they are going to get is butt hurt. Get to it. (P.S. I only shop F21 for my daughter, I was aware of the irony, but unaware of exquisitos such as the shoe ring holder. oh yeah, the suits won’t get that either.)
    on twitter: TheRealCoconutz

  50. Matchbox

    The idea behind your website is a cool one, however Forever21 might have a serious legal case against you simply by using their name as part of your domain name. I am sure you didn’t know this but that is copyright infringement.

    They will warn you first and the next step will be a lawsuit. Once the suit is filed, even if you shut the site down, you will still have to pay their legal fees which can be in the thousands of dollars.

    Trust me, you can’t fight a giant and win.

  51. L. Hernandez

    I love your blog! It’s brilliant and funny!! Get a lawyer and fight for your right to an opinion!! Lawyers would kill for your potentially high profiled case just to get their name out!! TAKE ADVANTAGE!!! I think your awesome and it would be tragic if you would allow some pretentious corporation ruin your right to write such a great,interesting and entertaining read I think your awesome!!!<3

  52. I must say, your blog had me crackn’ up. Saw the news report on NBC and thought I would check it out. I’m sure someone is going to hire you.. 🙂 I will pass your site on to some people I know in the literary world… You never know.

  53. cara

    I love your blog! I’m a forever reader and I seriously detest F21!!

  54. you are doing nothing wrong. stay strong and keep making waves…

  55. Melissa

    WTF FOREVER 21 trying to shut you down? WTF? Freedom of speech, jackasses. So now what we off everyone who makes a comment that our big pigs can’t handle!

    Look at all the free advertising they a receiving from you. You know all of those who read your blog have to search for more ugly shit. I say send their asses a bill!

    Keep up the good work!

  56. Jennifer

    Clicked over to your website via YOUR BLOG IS F-IN HILARIOUS.
    I frequent many various blogs when I should actually be working and this is the first time I found it necessary to leave a comment for the author.
    I hear Forever21 is threatening a lawsuit on you to take this down. I sincerely hope you can keep this going because this is too good to let die.
    You are my Hero of the Day.

  57. thanks. your whole site shows me and should show everyone else why fashion sucks.


    this is the worst thing ive ever seen on forever21. i literally just emailed their customer service and asked them what the fuck is wrong with them.

  59. This is on the Canadian site and in the sale section (hmm, I wonder why?).

    The top is horrendous, the swami headband is completely insane and WTF is up with the bicycle shorts???!!!

    Love your blog, it’s had me in tears from laughter more times than I can count!

    • ringtheory

      Now hold on a minute – before we knock this, let’s ponder the practical uses. … Ponder… pondering… nope. Still fucked.

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  61. f21 employee

    Lace thong, not so funny. Size: One size fits all… funny. I mean really? One size DOES NOT fit all ever. And you can’t really tell online, but in person, some of the neon colors are so neon it hurts your eyes. Oh F21.

  62. Jane Leung

    Hey Rachel,

    Seriously in love with your site. Let me know if you need a staff writer! I’m interning at HK Magazine and I’m out of here next week to lounge around and enjoy freedom. Let me know if you need any help writing this hilarity. This site is going to be the next big thing!


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