Drop Bows on ‘Em

You know what’s missing from my life (other than servants)?

Jeweled Accent Top: $22.80

A sweater with subtle jewel, rhinestone accent and large, satiny bow on the side.

But, I still feel like it’s missing something.

French Terry Bow Pullover: $22.80

A chiffon rat’s tail! MORE sequins! How did you KNOW?

Forever 21, You Read my Mind and then you BLEW it.



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5 responses to “Drop Bows on ‘Em

  1. serraque

    And I want it all growing out of my armpits!

  2. They look like half hearted DIY’s from the bedazzler guidebook

  3. Anonymous

    I just love how in the first one, her armpit is the only part of the sweater with “jeweled accents” so that her pit sniffs are nice and pretty.

  4. Charles Ranier

    any way you slice it, it still comes up CAT TOY

  5. Anonymous

    horrible and distracting!

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