Shining Harder than a GIA Diamond

In the past few weeks I’ve received a record amount of emails and links in comment threads about one dress.

A dress so WTF it seems to have captured the attentions and captivated the minds of literally handfuls of you.

Coated Party Dress: $19.80

Yes, coated. A lot of your have asked, “Coated with what?”

And I have to answer, “Isn’t it obvious?”

Coated with swag. Coated with confidence, class and  high-shine polyester… Probably mostly high shine polyester, though. I mean, a GIA certified diamond would be jealous. A GIA, I TELL YOU! Look how she sparkles.

And this isn’t just some form of bondage picnic wear or something from Cat Woman’s casual wardrobe, oh no. Not only is this dress great for cocktail parties, you can also turn it inside out when you’re done and toss trash in it for easy clean up.

That’s called multi-tasking. And value.

Forever 21, WTF?



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13 responses to “Shining Harder than a GIA Diamond

  1. Shannon

    Is it sad if I kind of like it? Of course, this is entirely dependent on the dress looking decent in person (which COULD happen), but since this is F21, I know it’ll be much, much worse than the picture. Oh, what could have been…

  2. Ooh. Looks like I found something to do with that box of Glad trash bags.
    40 new dresses, here I come!

  3. I saw it in person and it’s even worse up close and personal. It’s like a weird pleather/raincoat/garbage bag.

  4. MM

    I’m more concerned about this model’s legs to lips ratio… Almost distracted me from the hideousness of the dress.

  5. Yeah, this dress is pretty bad….

  6. In 18th century London the debris from burning coal was terrible so people looked for a way to put it to use, one use was to coat fabrics with it and make a coating over ‘raincoats’ to make them waterproof. It might be that F21 has hit upon the same solution for party dresses?

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