Forever 21 is Too Cool for School

After yesterday’s very interesting research into the religious crop top rantings at Forever 21, I was heartened to see the retailer doesn’t have it all wrong when it comes to messages on t-shirts.

i ❤ School: $13.80

Given the high rate of unemployment in this country, it’s so nice to see Forever 21 making a positive, non-judgy wudgy was a bear declaration.

Especially after their fiasco with the “I’m Too Pretty to Do Math” magnet a few months ago, which had much of the general gal public up in arms for perpetrating stereotypes in the girl community which steer so many bright, beautiful young ladies away from focusing on da maths.

Imagine how refreshed I found myself to see this, then, after so many Jesus and God shirts. If they made this top, surely Forever 21 couldn’t be all bad.

Then I turned it around.



‘Cus it’s so cool to not like school. It’s so cool to worry about chronic unemployment because you hated school so much and were “too cool” for it. It’s totally cool to have not learned your lesson about creating accessories and clothing that pray on the inexplicable need for young girls to try to dumb themselves down to be more appealing to young boys. It’s so cool to trick me into thinking you love AP English and learning just as much as I do!

Forever 21, Are You Still Going to be my Lab Partner?

(Probably not…)



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23 responses to “Forever 21 is Too Cool for School

  1. K-Eton

    wow what a moralfag you are. hope these posts are yours are ironic…

  2. meghan

    “fiasco” — i ordered that i’m too pretty magnet before it got pulled, it’s on my fridge and i think it’s damn funny.

  3. Anonymous

    Um, wat r u al sayn, cuz I cant read good….. I ❤ skool cuz thy dont mak me read if i cant….. :-O

  4. They should have a “I heart Sunday School” t-shirt (bringing some throwback from the post before, oh yeah)

  5. Aww, I love it and wanted one until I saw the back. 😦

  6. Victoria

    I love Forever21


    Yeah that really wasn’t even that clever in the 90s when I was in elementary school. Or was it? SIKE! Man I am on a roll today.

  7. S.

    Sigh. As an employee, I feel ashamed of our graphic tees often. I used to complain at work all the time about this t-shirt in our Heritage brand that said “DON’T WASTE MY TIME”
    Rude!!! Nothing is worse than imagining a bratty teen in a shirt like that. yikes.

  8. Sandy

    “prey on”, not “pray on”…just sayin’…cuz I liked school.

  9. lediskogirl

    I didn’t think people aspired to be Jessica Wakefield anymore.

  10. Anonymous

    but f21, jesus <3's school!!! :O

    • MM

      Maybe their point is that Jesus stopped hearting school when schools wouldn’t give up on teaching kids about evolution. Maybe the shirt should say “I heart school… Not, cuz Adam and Eve were put on Earth by God and then had kids who had incestuous sex with each other to make more kids and so on which led to today’s population and probably explains why there are so many dumbasses on this planet who don’t heart school either.”

      • Themis

        I have to say, even in 3rd grade I was stumped on how we went from Adam and Eve to the current population without some eyebrow raising shenanigans going on – of course, I wasn’t invited back to Mrs. K’s Sunsday class after that.

        Yes, this is totally related.

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