Halloween Costumes are Coming Early




Shorts: $Unknown

Now, I like Halloween just as much as the next girl. I even enjoy the vast variety of slutty, adult themed Halloween costume outfits ladies wear in the last night of our cool Octobers. I partake in the sexy Halloween costume outfit wearing as well. Last year I marauded up and down the West AND East sides of Los Angeles costumed as the bustiest damned girl scout on planet Earth.

But come on. Forever 21, isn’t it a little early to be stocking tan pleather booty shorts with a lace-up front? It’s barely August!

To be fair, they were just featured as a tease in the photoshoot for this generic flanel shirt, but bitch please. You can’t expect to trot out nonsensical ass coverings such as this and have no one inquire about them. It’s just not done. This, the tribal trends and a whole host of very costume outfit inspired accessories has got me ITCHING for skanky costume ideas. And when it comes to an excuse to get crunk, go pre-court order FourLoko and bare some sweet T&A, you can’t do better than Halloween.

Look for a full-blown costume outfits post in the coming weeks.

Forever 21, Trick or Treat.



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12 responses to “Halloween Costumes are Coming Early

  1. Anonymous

    Somebody’s football blew up and they recycled them into a pair of shorts as a gift for their girlfriend.

  2. Fleur

    Thank-you for the much needed giggles on a shitty day…

  3. Anonymous

    this otfit is amazing . any one with any fashion sense wouldnt think of sexor haloween. they would just want to buy them . I hate this blog its the worst thing that could ever come up onnline. This is what i cal ashion hater!!!!! get a life

    • Anonymous

      Yeeeeah… It s important to be sensitive to those with an assion for ashion. Sheesh! And here I was laughing.

      Anywho…Ring Theory, thank you for exposing this ish for the ish that it is. On the plus, it’s almost guaranteed one could spill Coors or A1 on these and it just wipe it clean off! btw, pleather or vinyl?

  4. These shorts are something the female version of “Leatherface” from the Texas Chainsaw massacre would wear. So basically. I like them.

    • ringtheory

      Didn’t think of Leatherface either! This is great! As usual, the comments section is where the real interesting stuff is said.

  5. Those shorts flatter NO ONE.

    (I just pictured myself wearing them and I’m very offended.)

  6. The shorts are not necessarily a Halloween Costume. I think instead they are for the tailgate parties and/or football games for college students? Since the lady’s area can resemble a football?

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