Same WTF, Different Day

Yesterday I took a break from my regularly scheduled cave dwelling existence and ventured out into the belly of the neon beast that is Forever 21.

It took all of 30 seconds and three steps inside the store before I came face to face with my own personal tribal nightmare.

Which I promptly purchased.

Top: Forever 21 $17.80

Leggings: Forever 21 $10.80

Heels: Nine West

Drink it in, lovelies. This is what REAL WTF looks like.

You may all remember the leggings from a previous post about Tribal Trend Tragedies. The top is a new edition, although well deserving of a tragic title on its own.

Despite being 100% pure “suedette,” the fringe was quite disappointing. It just didn’t flow, didn’t MOVE the way I’d hoped.

So I did that cool model trick when they jump in the air and everything looks fluid and amazing … only I did it SLIGHTLY less gracefully.

Okay, fuck, A LOT less gracefully.

Looks like the Wicked Witch of the Southwest.

Forever 21, WTF?



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35 responses to “Same WTF, Different Day

  1. Anonymous

    I don’t think you are fat, shit, we’ve all seen fat. those clothes suck on anything though.

  2. You’re a comic genius. Anyone who’s not laughing just doesn’t get it. Rock on.

  3. ROCKY

    i actually think you pulled it off…better than the model…maybe because you’re rocking it with so much humor…okay i am getting into the whole stupid “ironic” thing, but hey just saying i think you rocked it…
    the leggings by themselves are horrifying though…i wouldn’t use them to wash my car…

  4. Ashley

    I legit bust out laughing at the last pic…. needless to say I now have no friends in my cubicle area.

  5. Why do people read this blog if they have a problem with the content? Professional haters, perhaps?

  6. Chi Chi Lah Roo

    Those leggings might be ok with a long sweater tunic in a neutral color, and ballet flats or a pair of boots. That shirt is ugly as fuck and should be set on fire.

  7. Anonymous

    plus size model anyone ?

  8. Anonymous

    obviously the clothes only suit a certain maximum body shape

  9. Anonymous

    LMAO you’re hilarious. The upside-down photo took it to the next level!

  10. Anon

    Imagine if there was a blog ’bout how fat you are!

    And dumb. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      spot on.

    • ringtheory

      Imagine! Wouldn’t it be glorious? Nothing but photos of me eating brownies and drinking milk shakes while I watched 16 and Pregnant or just ran around in the California sunshine in a pair of overalls and mismatched shoes, not giving one single shit about anything.

      Ah, to be truly fat and dumb. Sounds like the fucking LIFE to me.

    • Why would you post such a horrible comment to this site that has hilarious commentary to ugly clothes? Do you have nothing better to do then to
      be a total immature asshole or are you jealous that you can’t be as articulate and witty as the owner of this site? May you die and come back as a hideous Forever21 outfit….

      • ringtheory

        Thanks for defending my honor, Laurie. I really appreciate it. It really hurts me when people … Oh look! A PIE!

        Seriously though – when you put yourself on the Internet (in tight ass tribal leggings no less) you are bound to get some haters. I am confident in both my body AND my smarts. Most of the time.

        Thanks again!

  11. Madam, I believe you forgot the racially sensitive Chief Necklace.

    Do you WANT him to shed a tear?!

  12. As my favorite drag queens would say…you are bringing some serious WTF REALness up in here!

  13. Anonymous

    Everytime I wear heels out of the house, I end up on the floor at least once. You.Are.Hilarious! XD

    • ringtheory

      I dnt get how women and men for that matter, wear heels all day. I can barely go a night out before I want them OFF.

  14. Whatever made you BUY these items??? Guess we know what RingTheory is wearing for Halloween! ; >

  15. Rock them southwest leggings, girl. (You’re adorbs, btw.)

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