Chief Pendant Necklace


Chief Pendant Necklace: $4.80

There’s been a little bit of talk recently about our generation and it’s use of the phrase, “THAT’S RACIST!” as a comical, memetic type take on the absurdity of actually calling someone racist whenever they display the slightest bit of prejudice toward anything, ironically or otherwise.

But let’s look at this necklace and pause for a second to consider how Jesse Jackson would react to seeing an accessory with a little pendant of an African fellow wearing a bone through his nose grace the digital pages of Forever 21’s catalog of crap.

I’m not saying this personally offends me but one of the few things that does get me to arch my back and hiss IS genuine racism and bigotry. Again, not saying I think this cheap looking, inexplicably unnecessary to life and the world necklace comes from a biggotted place. I’m just sayin’ …

Forever 21, THAT’S RACIST!



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5 responses to “Chief Pendant Necklace

  1. kara

    As a Native American, I gotta admit that I can’t wait for Orthodox Jew sidelocks to be adopted by the hipster community. Challah!


  2. Maggie

    maybe the people who want to “pay tribute” could use real native American- made items. they have those you know.. just saying. Not that Forever 21 would do that though…

  3. meghan

    i saw this on the website a little bit ago and i zeroed in on it knowing full well that it would DEFINITELY end up on here,

  4. Michelle of Chellbellz

    I saw a ton of bloggers getting backlash for taking any pictures with any type of native american head dress, and while i understand it, I also think that some of them are paying tribute, or admiring wearable art. However this fucking necklace is NOT only UGLY and Cheap, but to me… i don’t know why on earth anybody would want to wear this! I’m just not understanding! I think it’s in poor taste.

    • Jody

      I understand where you personally are coming from, but from what I’ve been able to gather if you want to “pay tribute” then you better make damn sure you’re doing it the most respectful way possible. The head dress is a really really really really sacred part of Native American culture.

      Either do it right or don’t do it, but don’t take a picture of a white person wearing a head dress and say it’s “homage” or “paying respect” to their culture.

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