Reader WTF

Reader Ashley writes:

So, I’ve always been pretty successful with my online purchases (except with the occasional: “okay, guess I’ll be wearing this short-ass dress as a tunic!”)  Except for this purchase…….now, in F21’s defense, the dress was called “Silk Leopard Dress”….but from the online photos, it just looked like a large leopard/camouflage-type print.  When I received the dress, my jaw dropped and I was so embarrassed this dress was in my hands!”

Oh, hey, that’s not so bad, what is she talking abo…


It’s like garanimals for adults.

I could just imagine wearing this to work belted over leggings or skinny pants and having someone ask the inevitable, embarrassing question, “Are those…. are those… leopards?”

Forever 21,



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16 responses to “Reader WTF

  1. C

    I just discovered this site and luckily, the vast majority of my coworkers are on the company outing because I just growled/snorted in laughter at the crazy of this dress

  2. Great song pairing btw 🙂

  3. Anonymous


  4. Anonymous

    Animal prints can be cute, but wow…just wow…this is bad, indeed just like a lot of F21’s prints.

  5. Anonymous

    its actually called conversational print, no kidding thats what f21 calls this type of print lol

  6. Giselle

    I swear I think sometimes these F21 “designers” have a bet going with eachother. Like they’re testing the limits and laughing their asses off when their design is actually approved.

  7. OMG that’s really bad.. I mean having animals on your clothes are not bad.. I just got this cute red skirt from Zara with tiny zebras on it, but this is horrendous!

  8. Boo Boo

    Like camouflage alone wasn’t ugly enough. They have to add that thing on it. Who would have thought that silk could be that ugly.

  9. that is freakin ridiculous… just like WHY?!?!?! it doesnt even make sense…

  10. KB

    NOOOOOO, ASH! Is it like a army green/gray thingy. I hope you can return it.

  11. Anonymous

    NOOOOOO, ASH! Is it like a army green/gray thingy. I hope you can return it.

  12. Brittany

    LOL wtfffff…. its like they meant literal leopard print bahaha

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