5 Tribal Trend Tragedies

Anyone who has been around for a season or two knows ethnic prints are really nothing new. These colorful flashes in the fashion pan are trotted out every few years and make the rounds from runway to off the rack retail faster than you can say, “How.” The same people who are putting feathers in their hair and flaunting zig-zag bead sack necklaces at pow-wows across the American urban landscape will be marching to a completely different drummer and a different trend in four months flat. Thus, the transient nature of fashion.

HOW-FREAKIN’-EVER – trendiness DOES NOT excuse blatant transgressions against decent taste and quality style. There are some instances in which a trend like tribal is taken to a dark and tacky place. A place where beads, feathers and chains are misused in gross error, with shapeless tops and strange, irregular patterns ruling the day.

Tribal print jumpers? Tribal print leggings? Polyester? Iron-on prints? Excess chain fringe? No, no… this will not due.

Behold: 5 Tribal Print Trend Tragedies

Tribal Print Legging: $10.80

It begins.

Get along little doggies, these tribal prints are your misfortune and NONE of my own.

Tribal Maxi Skirt: $19.80

If nothing else, it’s great for sending smoke signals.

Tribal Princess Necklace: $14.80

“Feel as regal as a tribal princess.”

Or as silly as a person wearing something that looks like an elephant’s cock ring.

Animal Tribal Tee:$16.90

If someone could go ahead and discover for me what kind of animal is exactly on this tee, that’d be great. Are those horses? Giraffes? Is that a gaggle of geese on the bottom trim? I that big blotch up there a bull? You know, to match how shitty this is.

Vibrant Bib Necklace: $10.80

This appeals to both my subtle taste in heavily feathered and beaded necklaces as well as my love of bibs.

Forever 21, WTF?



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23 responses to “5 Tribal Trend Tragedies

  1. Andy

    How sad is it that I would actually wear those leggings?

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  3. Anonymous

    It’s all ugly. The tee is ancient Greek ceramics art. Still. Not a great look for a t-shirt.

  4. anna_poa@hotmail.com

    Hey, that’s the same guy from the trash bag trench coat in the previous post! Is that the only male model they could hire? Or maybe he was digitally created, since no sane man would ever agree to model this train wreck of a t-shirt.

  5. badbunni

    The Missoni family should sue…the skirt looks awfully familiar to their numerous psychedelic woven designs.

    Well, they’re a very well-known fashion house, and have extremely deep pockets…

    • Chi Chi Lah Roo

      That does not look like Missoni. Missoni doesn’t use colors that bland and shitty.

      • ringtheory

        Speaking of Missoni, there are a few pairs of shorts on the site right now that are reminiscent of the brand but really badly done.

  6. Rom

    It looks like the animals are doing something obscene on that shirt….

  7. Kris

    That model looks like he’s modelling a terrible Christmas sweater that his great-aunt gave him, and he can’t show his horror unless he wants to be disinherited. Thus, they must be reindeer.

  8. annie

    HAHAHAH the bit about the animals was hilarious. A gaggle of geese? …”appeals to my love of beaded necklaces and bibs” .. horrah. Love your humor.

  9. Anonymous

    Am I strange if I would totally wear those leggings? (Only At home – promise!!)

  10. cloots

    Am I strange if I would totally wear those leggings? (Only At home – promise!!)

  11. Kai

    I think that male model is constipated…

  12. Boo Boo

    I want that cock ring. I got to have it.

  13. Anonymous

    I think they’re llamas. Hideous, grotesque llamas.

  14. Anonymous

    Oooh honey, I thought those leggings were hideous to begin with, turns out they’re the least offensive on here. That skirt! Ugh so dowdy! And I don’t think You’d ever see any guy wearing that top, I sure as hell wouldn’t wear that. Forever 21 has really overblown this tribal trend, and they don’t even know how to do it well, which is rather offensive, their jewelry looks like such cheap imitations of the actual jewelry they’re mimicking. And their prints are so overblown, all those maxi dresses I see are hideous, they’d be better as minis, but not maxis.

  15. Katie

    Lol. I was just at F21 and got some great stuff there. Every time I go though, there’s a huge tribal section and I always steer clear of it.

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