Me gusta.

Lightweight Woven Jacket: $42.90

What exactly is this jacket “woven” out of? Lacquered cow pies?

Well, I’m sure the rear view is better …

Nope. Still looks like a old tarp fashioned into some semblance of outerwear.

I sometimes wonder if the buyers/designers at Forever 21 believe the world has stopped purchasing clothes outside of their store and no longer are aware of what REAL jackets look like.

This must be it. Yes. So it’s settled – Forever 21 thinks they can charge $42.90 for this flimsy windbreaker because they dwell in an alternate plane of reality where, apparently, nothing exists but their stores and polyester.

Forever 21, WTF?



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17 responses to “MMmmmMMMMmmmm

  1. Anonymous

    I think this is a horrible imitation of a belstaff jacket that just fails miserably at life

  2. Never mind the jacket, have you SEEN the back of those trousers?!

  3. lovelikesuicide

    The model looks like he’s trippin – totally out of his head – his eyes!

  4. Anonymous

    It’s a new spin on the trash bag trend from the acclaimed Derelicte label

  5. Brigitta

    Is it just me or does this model look like that guy from the princess diaries 2? (on the right)

  6. Anonymous

    Ken doll hair? Check. Ken doll eyebrows? Check. Metrosexual wardrobe from hell? Check. This is not a human being. This is a life-sized Ken doll.

  7. Malou La Croix

    How do you find older posts for this blog? Didn’t see see any kind if archive. I’d love to read every post since the start.

    • ringtheory

      If you want to start from the beginning you could use the calendar on the right side of the page. Or you could just head backwards. I’ll look into making this easier to access!

  8. Anonymous

    $42.90????? It looks like it cost 42 cents to make, and I wouldn’t even pay that much for that thing!

  9. I am not sure what is worse, that jacket or those pants and his non existent butt.

  10. Vee

    He looks so depressed. Poor guy.

  11. MD

    mmm hot. love the pue color

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