Sparkling Bear Earrings

Is it just me, or are these earrings really sad?

I always thought Teddy Grahams were a little creepy, with their sweet, honey coated bellies and delicious zombie stares, but this? This is on another level.

This bear is clearly unhappy with having plastic sparkly bits where his eyes and genitals should be.

Sparkling Bear Earrings: $3.80

It’s like a creation from The Island of Doctor Moreau if Doctor Moreau was a sassy drag queen jewelry designer with a penchant for making all her creations look like Teddy Roosevelt.

*Completely undoctored photograph.

The resemblance is striking.

Forever 21, WTF?

*Photograph has most assuredly been doctored.


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10 responses to “Sparkling Bear Earrings

  1. I was just sort of amused until that Teddy Roosevelt pic came along and I almost snorted tea out of my nose.

    • ringtheory

      The resemblance is so striking, isn’t it? I like to compare the bear and then Roosevelt back and forth. They really do look alike.

  2. Malou La Croix

    Omg you are so funny it’s unreal. Love the blog, and i never read blogs (except Jezebel sometimes) but im addicted. Can someone please just give you a book deal or something?

  3. Steph

    Leave it to Forever 21 to ruin my fave president ever. And teddy bears. Sheesh.

  4. Anonymous

    That is beyond FUG!

  5. I don’t know why but they remind me of Tick Tock from Return to Oz.

  6. Taylor

    If I were gay and of age, I’d marry you Rachel.

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