The Wonderful Styling Choices of Forever 21

Me: “Model, what do you have on right now?”

Sheer Lace Top: $8.80

Model: “Hmm? Oh this? It’s a sexy, sheer lace top. It’s sexy and fun and flirty and totally isn’t making my my skin itch from the synthetic fabrics.”

Me: “Uhm, are you fooling me? I’m talking about that skirt you have on that looks like a freshly shorn, ebony ball sack.”

Model: “You clearly don’t know anything about fashion. Mocha ball sacks are the new black this summer.”

Me: “That may be so, but how do you explain THIS?”

Model: “…”

Me: “Thought so.”

Forever 21, Stop Trying to Dress up Ball Sacks.



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30 responses to “The Wonderful Styling Choices of Forever 21

  1. Anonymous

    can’t stop laughing at this!

  2. Raven

    I agree that the lace top isn’t terrible, but am I the only person that looked at the first picture and immediately thought that the skirt looked like a leather half-apron or some kind of funky tarp that you use to cover lawn furniture/collect grass clippings?

    Either she’s the rich heiress to a meat packing company that’s being forced to work on the factory floor for the summer by Daddy in order to “learn the value of hard work”, or she’s sporting the must-have fashion accessory for fall from the new ‘Lil’ Miss Murder’ collection by Leatherface. Either way, color me creeped out.

  3. Hahaha! I actually thought you somehow doctored that pic with the top untucked…nope…they actually went there….oh the humanity!?!

  4. Joshua

    …the horror!
    That skirt is so atrosh, the top might be able to work with proper styling, which the stylists at f21 have zero idea how to do most of the time. Sometimes the outfits they put together online for the ads, and in stores on the mannequins are hilariously bad, I crack up at a lot of them. This is just sad. I’ve only ever seen one outfit, in the 21men section, that was styled well.

  5. Anonymous

    Does it usually take this long between posts? This has been up since July 13. I know the blogger must have a life, but her fan base is getting bigger by the day! More commitment to the site, please! There’s more than plenty material to talk about 😉
    Love, Tatiana

    • ringtheory

      I’m sorry, Tatiana!! I’ll make more of an effort to post every day, if only so you can have the lulz. Thanks for reading!

  6. Rabbit


    • Anonymous

      I will agree with this much: sometimes their stylists really, REALLY miss the mark! Kinda like how the second pic looks like what happens(?) while GETTING dressed, not what the outfit is supposed to look like after you’ve FINISHED dressing…. so what is the point of posting the second pic? Um…inside joke? Like: “Holy crap, Sally! Did you just see that chick walking down the street in my ‘outfit’? Someone should tell her I was drunk and high, working overtime at 4am, when that picture was posted on the site….ooops….nah. She must have a good sense of humor to be wearing that… either that, or no mirror at home.”

    • Anonymous

      This is the fashion equivilant of:
      Walking out of the ladies room with toilet paper stuck on your shoe….. or…
      When you tuck your shirt into the back of your pantyhose, instead of the back of your skirt…but in the front…..
      I was trying to find a humorous and plausible defense for the second picture. I didn’t find one. That second picture is just….. ridiculous. If you wore that out of the house, people would come up to you and say: “I’m sorry. I don’t want to embarass you, but it would appear that you got dressed, um, wrong(?) before you left the house this morning. Soooo, you might want to find a mirror and, um, fix things.” Yup. And check to see if you put on underwear too. Because if you left the house looking that whacked-out, god only knows what else you did, or did not, do, to yourself.

  7. Anna

    The top’s kinda cute, although i feel itchy just from looking at the picture. As for the skirt, I’m just wondering how they managed to sew this material…

  8. Anonymous

    wow. the second picture is hilarious….im not even sure they sell that skirt its not ont he site that i could find

  9. cupa

    That second picture has no explanation AT ALL

  10. Anonymous

    That second picture has no explanation AT ALL

  11. MM

    The lace makes it a hairy ball sack. The skirt alone was too porno-ballsy.

  12. emas

    The top is gross. Obviously. But how SWEATY is that skirt? It is JULY, for F’s sake.

    • ringtheory

      Seriously. The worst part for me is the model is totally thin and styling it this way makes her torso look like Mr. Peanut.

  13. I’d actually probably buy that top, but the skirt has GOT to go.

  14. Anonymous

    Like a lacy sausage casing….

  15. HartfordWoman

    Ouch! WTF is right! : )

  16. haaaaaa hilariousss !!…… i was thinkin what cheap restaurant seats she is wearing.

  17. I seriously can’t stop laughing at the last pic! wtf?? This is what you call drunk-styling!

    • ringtheory

      I wonder sometimes if they actually LOOK at the pics they put up. This photo does not make me want to purchase either of those things.

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