Denim & Chiffon Dress

On what occasion, precisely, is a person supposed to wear this dress?

Denim & Chiffon Dress: $24.80

Some undetermined instance which calls for both the casualness of a denim vest and semi-formal nature of coal colored chiffon?

A hillbilly funeral, perhaps? Dinner at Saddle Ranch and then drinks at Applebee’s?

Forever 21, WTF?



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17 responses to “Denim & Chiffon Dress

  1. It’s pretty insane, though I actually see Leighton Meester or Rachel Bilson pulling it off successfully on a regular day. OR Evan Rachel Wood, which would be really creepy. The rest of us really need to just leave it on the racks :3

    • ringtheory

      Yea they may pull it off, but do they rock it? Just barely making something look acceptable is not the same as wearing it well.

  2. shannenelaine

    I think it’s a costume from the modern dance fusion performance of Oklahama!

  3. Kelly

    I have to agree with the person who talked about rhinestones.
    BeDazzle that bitch and hit up your hillbilly family reunion. The creepy uncle will love it!

  4. OMG Just realized F21 is ripping their designs off of old Saved by the Bell episodes. This is obviously one of the many forgeries.

  5. Dono

    Looks like something Sarah Jessica Parker would have worn as the vapid ‘new girlfriend’ in First Wives Club.

    • Anonymous

      I like it. It’s silly. It’s ridiculous. You would have to be slightly out of your mind to wear it in public… and crazy to wear it in private…. I wore it to church. XD I put a longer black flowey skirt under it, so as to cover myself up appropriately, and chunky heels. I dress to please myself and I like laughing all the time! When I look in the mirror, I’m not going for fab-u-lous! I’m going for fab-u-WHAT?! Hee-hee! But I can’t blame y’all for pointing a finger. I do too! at myself! CHEERS!!

  6. The skirt makes her look like a witch.

  7. Sarah

    Formal wear to NASCAR?

  8. Sunny

    Everyone has their own opinion, this is actually a great piece. Of course you need to know how to style it, and it will look so hot “Zoe Kravitz/Lisa Bonet”

  9. This dress is so Red Neck PROM.Add some rhinestones to it and you have Hillbilly Formal.And with a good pair of hooker heels it could be Trailer Pagent Formal. Gotta love it.

  10. Anonymous

    i dont think this is really that bad to be honest. its mixing casual and formal which is a huge trend. pearls with jeans…diamonds with jeans…that whole thing.

  11. Yes!! Probably THEE greatest thing to come out of forever21 in a looooong long time! They’re getting so creative!

  12. Anonymous

    I have a class reunion coming up which calls for “Cocktail Attire”. I won’t be going because of this, I would, however, possibly buy and wear this dress to show my disdain for their dress code. So that would be an occasion to wear this…in protest of the class reunion fascists.

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