WTFeminine Scrunchie Set

It’s a pretty safe assumption to say the 80’s trend has taken up a firm residence at Forever 21.

Exhibit A:

Feminine Scrunchie Set: $2.80

Scrunchies that are FEMININE.

As opposed to the masculine variety of scrunchie all yolked up bros and fans of Dog the Bountry Hunter use to keep their flowing locks out of their faces when they’re kicking ass.

Forever 21,



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13 responses to “WTFeminine Scrunchie Set

  1. Scrunchies can be worn well by maybe 1 in 50 people! But now that the 80s have come and gone, and the 80s revival has done the same, most scrunchies should stay in for cleaning day!

    • ringtheory

      Yup. Whilst cleaning your place is the only acceptable venue for scrunchies. ALSO, is your little gem from Invader Zim?

  2. I’ve been noticing the scrunchie thing lately. Every time I’ve been like, “chick, you are not 7 anymore. Get an ouchless or something else. No scrunchies!”

  3. Anonymous

    Come on folks! It’s fashion! Not religion! Clothes are funny…. all clothes. Even serious(?) clothes. (especially serious clothes). Why do you think we,(humans), wear clothes and animals don’t? BECAUSE!! If animals wore clothes, they would spend so much time pointing fingers at one another and laughing, that they would never get anything done! That’s why we wear clothes and they don’t. “WE” don’t have senses’ of humor about our clothing. Thank god….WHAT?! XD

  4. Chee Chee Lah Roo


    Your posts (pre-law suit) were more biting and razor sharp. I would really like to see the return of the posts written with honest abandon.

  5. NM

    I didn’t think there was any way I could find scrunchies more scary……I stand corrected

  6. tr

    I hate forever 21. Its the worst store ever. fuckin hipsters!

  7. Letty

    Uhhh I actually really like the floral scrunchie o_o it’s cute for summer.

  8. Anonymous

    You know nothing about fashion…WTF

  9. Kris

    Whatever. You can have my black studded leather biker scrunchie when you rip it out of my broken dead hair, Forever 21.

  10. Marilynn

    Hey am glad this blog is not closed down,keep up the work girl! What shall be your next project? I would love to meet u someday and talk. I love your blog!

    • ringtheory

      Thanks! I’m working on some projects unrelated to the blog and F21.
      Hopefully I’ll get to meet a lot of you guys someday!

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