Look at this Effing Hipster Owl

Hipster Owl Watch Necklace …

Owl Watch Necklace: $9.80

is hip.

Hipster Owl Watch Necklace was into the whole “telling time” thing way before it went all mainstream.

Hipster Owl Watch Necklace wears this shirt ironically.

Hipster Owl Watch Necklace was Hooting well before The Blowfish.

Hipster Owl Watch Necklace spent more money on his glasses than you would spend on HIM.

Shia LaBeouf? Hipster Owl Watch Necklace liked him when he was Shia LaFlabb.

Hipster Owl Watch Necklace doubts your indie cred.

Forever 21, Why Do Your Accessories Judge Me?



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23 responses to “Look at this Effing Hipster Owl

  1. Ashley

    i totally agree that forever 21 should be PAYING you! I now covet the hipster owl necklace and I never would have looked through their 88 pages of jewelry to find it!

    • ringtheory

      You know, I find him acceptable but not to wear on my body. I would hang him from my car rear window or something. But not next to my boobs.

  2. Jrussell424

    I learned about this because of the “bad press” forever21 stirred up! They should be paying you not suing! You have a new wtfollower! We should start a legal fund collection! Btw I ironically like the hipster owl lol

  3. Anonymous

    How many bites does it take to get to the center of a toosie roll, tootsie pop?
    Zero, when you’ve got a clock for a stomache!

  4. Sarah

    Hipster Owl drinks PBR cause it’s cooler than Coors.

  5. And yet…I covet the Hipster Owl Watch Necklace.

    Because I don’t a single goddamned piece of nearsighted jewelry and clearly I am missing out.

  6. Letty

    That necklace is cute, the tank not so much but I can imagine some people looking okay in it.

  7. Kris

    Obviously the hipster Disney princesses have left their mark on Archimedes the Owl.

  8. More importantly – that shirt says ‘weekend warrior’. Weekend warrior? What the fuck does that even mean?

    • Alright, so I googled that shit and my question has changed – how the fuck does the term ‘Weekend Warrior’ relate to Indian feathers and Eagles?

      Answer: It doesn’t.

  9. Ashley

    Girrrl you are FUNNY! I don’t know why Forever 21 is buggin out. Just because some of their stuff is totally WTF worthy and we all like to make fun of it… we all know we totally still shop there. Hell, no press is bad press. Am I right?!

  10. badbunni

    I like Russian nesting dolls better 🙂 Owls, meh…

  11. What are you talking about??? Hipster owl is sure to be a hit with all the Potterheads. Its release was a strategic move by Rowling. Their was released to be worn at the Harry Potter premiere in two weeks. Lawl.

    At the end of the film–Potter fans will discover their small owl charm is actually an authentic Time Turner (as used by Hermione in book 3). Excitedly, fans will be able to use these to transport back in time to the release of the first novel so they can relive the entire Potter phenomena.
    That or it shall give them the next clue to Pottermore…or maybe it’s just a necklace. Probably the latter.

  12. Skuldnt forever 21 hate owls? i mean with them flying at night and eating mice and such??
    you guys know..the devil in birdform!!!

  13. Oh my god what is with F21 & owls …was looking through the website few days ago & there are about 10 differrent owl necklace sulus or more !!! They are obssessed lol

    • ringtheory

      They definitely have a thing for owls. I’m over it. The trend, not the animal. I’m pretty sure you can’t be “over” owls.

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