The Blog is Back

Dear Lovers of Gnarly Fashion:
After two legally baseless cease-and-desist letters from Forever 21, two painstakingly researched responses, and zero substantive replies from Forever 21’s legal team, I have no choice but to interpret the company’s non-responsiveness as an admission that my blog,, does not infringe any of Forever 21’s rights.
Through my attorneys, Charles Colman of Charles Colman Law, PLLC, and Scott Burroughs of the Doniger/Burroughs Law Firm, I recently imposed my own deadline on Forever 21 which the company has failed to meet.  My attorneys and I will not permit Forever 21 to use silence as a strategic tool or intimidation tactic, particularly when the company stood idly by for over a year as I blogged about their design disasters.
As such, please enjoy today’s long-overdue offering of WTFashions. This is a dark defeat for MC Hammer pants, floral jumpsuits and blinged out mini hats, but a joyous triumph for those who like to make fun of them. Which is pretty much anyone with eyes.
With love and lulz,


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53 responses to “The Blog is Back

  1. Have they ever heard of the First Amendment?!

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  3. thank god you won this battle! and on the bright side, had they never been idiots who tried to sue you, i would have never found this INCREDIBLE blog! whoot whoot!
    xx, your newest follower, kait

  4. Jrussell424

    New loyal wtfollower! Go free speech! And as long as you’re allowed to post I will also continue to shop at forever21. See, we can all win! 😀

  5. S

    Just stumbled upon this and felt compelled to ask, “Who cares?” Seriously. Who cares enough about some store in the mall enough to make a whole website dedicated to bashing their clothes? There’s a reason this store is EVERYWHERE. Maybe you should take some pointers. This is disappointing and pathetic. With that, I’m going to dislike this bull shit website and keep stumbling. ❤

    • Anonymous

      To me, you taking the time to visit the blog and post negative comments is disappointing and pathetic.

      • b

        To me it seems like you must be one of those people that actually would wear the ugly items they post. If Forever21 would get buyers who would purchase items people would actually want to wear then they would not get negitive publicity

    • b

      The store maybe everywhere but that does not mean that they have to sell ugly clothing. If you dont like the website then dont go on it or read it. People have the right to say what they want including creating a website to discuss the ugly clothes that people like yourself wear

  6. Dono

    Rachel, As a fellow lover of this WTForever Blog, let me add my joy that rumor of your legal demise was premature. This place is a hoot! It’s also a neat place to find something so off the wall that I had to link back to F-21 to see if it was still for sale. So, far they have not continued to carry the items I wanted, but I was reading as far back as I could. Thanks for the LOLs, lady. 🙂

  7. Anonymous

    Nice job!

  8. congrats! youre back!! I cant wait to laugh up a storm!!

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  10. So glad you’re back with the lulz. 🙂

  11. GREAT REVIEW! I pretty much agree with all you said in your post, especially at the middle of your article. Thank you, this info is very useful as always. Keep up the good work! You’ve got +1 more reader of your blog:) Isabella S.

  12. Hell yeah! Screw that noise.

  13. I hate Forever 21, but you do realize that if they have a case against you, it’ll probably be for unauthorized use of their images.

    They could run their entire case based on just that. Be smart, keep the links to the site up, but stop using their pictures.

    • erin

      There’s something called “fair use” when it comes to copyrighted images, and Rachel’s use of all the F21 pictures is covered under that. If she were making money off of the site, then it might be an issue.

  14. hopefully now with all this exposure u can turn this around and profit from the situation ❤ XOXO B

  15. so glad these awful clothes are getting the mockery it deserves.

  16. sce

    YAY!!!! THRILLED you’re back! (I seriously laugh out loud; I love your sense of humor.) Yay yay YAY!

  17. T

    Hell Yeah!!! Way to win one for the little man!!!!!!!

  18. Congrats. I hadn’t heard about your blog before all the legal troubles but I will definitely be tuning in now.

  19. getajob

    i really think you need to get a job, or try to build something that doesn’t feed off of someone else’s success. i truly, truly, TRULY hope they sue your lazy ass.

    you basically use their photographs- which they PAY for- to mock their product. you pay for nothing. the hours spent on styling outfits, casting models, getting hair and makeup done, taking pictures- and you just steal those images for mockery. who the hell are you?
    everyone involved should present you with a bill for their services. because you’re not just screwing Forever 21, you’re screwing everyone involved in their imagemaking process.

    if you at least had the intelligence to do your own photoshoots (aside from shooting what’s in the store, which is arranged by store plans that their employees come up with), thus proving that you had SOME fashion knowledge to backup your jokes at their expense, i could see. but you just steal their work, make fun of it, and then cry foul when they threaten to sue.

    it’s THEIR company, not yours. you have no right to build a business based on tearing them down then act surprised when they respond in an angry fashion. how would you feel if someone put up a site that made fun of you? the way you look or eat, the way you dress or comb your hair, put your name in the url and proceeded to mock everything you did every day? would that be fair?

    also, you should be prohibited from entering their stores and taking photos of any kind. it would be awesome if your photo was posted in every store so that they could identify you and block you from entering. you’re a thief, plain and simple. shoplifter times 10. you should be prosecuted the same way.

    • sandy sansone

      to “get a job” – she has every right to do what she’s doing. and what she may poke fun at here may appeal to someone reading to go buy it! sounds like you are an out of work designer who is jealous.

    • Anonymous

      How’s that internship in the Forever 21 Legal Department going for you?

    • b

      If you dont like what is being said (the truth about their awful clothes) perhaps then you should not read the blog. You have not heard of free speach? or are you one of those people that actually wears the junk that they are selling. If they dont want to be made fun of then they should stop making junk.

    • Shambolique

      “getajob” just bought out Forever21’s entire selection of flammable rayon jumpsuits. You h8ters are just jealous.

  20. Yay!!!!! Good for you!

  21. Giselle

    Forever 21 ends up looking foolish and while doing so, gives you tons of publicity! I’d say its a win for you 🙂

  22. Glad you stood up for yourself! May the fuckery live long!

  23. Yippee Yahoo Hooray! I enjoy that you won the war and I also enjoy that you make fabulous fun of the giants that tried to step on your parade. Keep up the good work. Thanks for filling the void of caustic bloggers. The world needs more of your wit.

  24. Teresa

    Yay! Forever WTF?!

  25. the only thing F21 did was increase your traffic here…so basically thanks f21;)


  26. I’m a fashionista, satire writin’ blogger
    And my lawyers down, got elite alma maters, fool
    Laughs ain’t nuthin but a key stroke away
    I’m bloggin fails from your line-up, what can I say?
    Forever 21 now, will I ever see a court?
    The way things are goin’ I don’t know

    Tell me why are you, so blind to see
    That the clothes you sell are really shitty?

  27. Nikki

    Yeaay! I was missing this blog! F21 are dumb, didn’t they ever read Wonderful Wednesdays? Sure most of what they make is crap, but you manage to find the half decent stuff and advertise it for them!

  28. I love how they never even considered that stirring up so much controversy would actually increase your popularity.

    Thanks Forever 21, for throwing around ridiculous legal claims so that I could find my way to this wonderfully hilarious blog!

  29. Anonymous

    Yay!!!! So glad you are back

  30. Betsy

    YAY!! Just discovered this a few days ago, but I already love you! Besides, You’re only offering fair, sane, and logical reviews. When they make cute items, however rare that may be, you totally include that as well. I think they should just hire you so they have at least one person w/o shit for brains to work there.

  31. Anonymous

    your blog brightens my workdays. keep fighting the good fight!

  32. barb

    Thank Goodness you are back. I love your emails about the nasty, horiible tasteless clothes that they make. They should concentrate more on making decent clothes and less on your posts. If they did that, you would have no reason to make fun of them in the first place!!

  33. I am freaking thrilled! Welcome back, looking forward to some fugly fashion!

  34. *high five* their crappy lawsuit made me follow your blog in the first place, I hope you get a million new followers and a book deal out of this crap 🙂

  35. Amy

    Glad you’re back!!!

  36. Mina

    Yeeeessssssssssssss! Good for you!!!

  37. Rock on.

    What would I do without you.

    I quote you and people think I’m funny.

    Hehe, It’s you that’s funny.

  38. Rachel is a hero to everyone with a sense of humor. Forever21 had a golden opportunity to get some free publicity but they, er, peed on it.

  39. Michelle of Chellbellz

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe if they stop making bullshit we wouldn’t have to worry about this! Anyway i love that you point them out on their shit.

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