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I do not necessarily agree with everything stated in these articles.

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144 responses to “Press Post

  1. woo


  2. Wow Your site is of the chain

  3. Anonymous

    I love , bookmarked !

  4. Alice

    New fan of your site here.

    Don’t let them push you around!

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  7. we miss you. 😦 I want your funny posts back.

  8. Love it. You now have a new subscriber. I actually like some of the stuff you make fun of. Which means you are making fun of me. Which makes me laugh at myself. And if a human being can’t laugh at herself, then she’s not much of a human being.

  9. Anonymous

    Wow…this is unbelievable. I regularly shop there, but after reading about this they’ll never get another dime from me. Don’t let them bully you, as you’re clearly doing nothing illegal.

  10. Moochysmoochy

    I love forever21 more because of this blog. I find this blog pretty hilarious and yes I do shop at forever21, they do have some cute clothes sometimes and many times they have ridiculous outfits. But that’s what fashion is all about, the bad and good. Hope you come out on top on this. I would be bored without your blog!

  11. Anonymous

    Your site is hilarious! Keep it going 😀

  12. keep fighting the good fight. good luck.

  13. Your blog is awesome don’t let them take it down

  14. Ant

    Stick it to the man!

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  16. l

    forever21 is kind of a bitch.

  17. Lauren

    Please don’t take the site down June 10th! This has had so much press, and a lit of people don’t agree with what f21 decided to respond with. Stay strong! You will win this case!

    • Kyle T.

      You do know you posted this on June 12th, right?

      Anyway, keep strong in the face of adversity. Maybe you could even countersue and get some cash from the harrassment.

  18. Anonymous

    you are amazing. fight the powers that be!

  19. Just found your blog today via Jezebel. I love it! FIGHT ON!

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  21. Anonymous

    VERY VERY happy to hear you’ve decided to keep the blog up and fight F21’s ridiculous cease and desist letter. Go you!

  22. Stacy

    I read about your blog on Jezebel a few days ago and am so GLAD you have decided to fight this! It takes a brave soul to stand up to bullies, especially big corporate entities with large pockets. You have so many supporters behind you, not to mention that little thing called the law, that I hope you can keep the faith!

  23. Anonymous

    You go girl!!! Don’t let Forever21 bully you

  24. All good thoughts to you. This is a hard one to be chased by a company with a lot of money to push or try to. The best solution would be for them to pay you a crazy amount of money to write for them!!!

    Best of luck.

  25. Anonymous

    I hope you don’t shut this blog down!

  26. Ashley

    I come courtesy of and I’ve seen it before the “scandal”, love your site. Hope you don’t ever shut down!

  27. Howdy! I found your site via Bust and just want to echo the hordes of compliments of other commenters. Your blog is nothing but fun and in no way defamatory. And if this little experiment teaches you nothing else, girl, you have been blessed with word witchery! Keep it up!

  28. i wonder if you were saying positive stuff about them would you be allowed to use their images without permission? jerks. fight em.

  29. i wonder if you were saying positive stuff if you were allowed to use their images without permission? jerks. fight em.

  30. Raven

    Just found your site via Jezebel, and I’m loving it, lady. I’ve shopped at F21 before, and I sincerely hope that you don’t shut down the site, because you’re right on the money with these write-ups. Design stealing aside, one of my major gripes with F21 is their ridiculous stance on refunds. Before F21 showed up, I had never heard of a store that wouldn’t return my money if I didn’t end up wanting to keep one of their products, which just goes to show what the company’s true objective is – to bilk customers out of their money from the get-go with zero regard to customer satisfaction.

    To any and all F21 cronies that are reading these comments, I just want to point out one major thing – if I have to spend longer than 5-10 minutes weighing the pros and cons of purchasing a cheap cardigan or a pair of earrings because the store I’m shopping in will never return my money if I’m unhappy with my purchase, chances are, I’ll just take my money elsewhere and save myself the trouble.

    Your stuff may be super-cheap, but quality merchandise and a general sense of respect for your customers ALWAYS trumps trend-chasing in the eyes of consumers. We want reasonably priced and stress-free shopping experiences, not to walk away from a purchase feeling that we got swindled.

  31. Anonymous

    that lawsuit sounds like it’s a joke! Keep it up girl, you are hysterical!

  32. New fan courtesy of Bust magazine. I don’t think I would have known about this site if it weren’t plastered all over the news, but now I know– and I hope forever 21 sees that the press generated by their actions. This combined with the labor dispute protesters I’ve seen very recently in front of the stores and I’m too ashamed to give my money to them- even if the clothes are cute.

  33. AMK

    Chin up! What you are doing is more important than you know.

  34. If Forever21 hadn’t gone after you, I wouldn’t have known about this wonderful site. I should send them a thank you note. Except instead of starting the note with “to whom it may concern” I will begin my missive with “to the thunder-douches attacking”.

  35. I am a satirist also (inbetween srs posties) and your blog is A+ hilarity. I umpteenth the suggestions to contact the EFF. Tweeted and linked.

    I guess Forever21 deals exclusively in the type of clothing that was immortalized in George Bernard Shaw’s awesome quote: “That dress is sexy because only a woman would wear something so hideous.”

  36. Ken

    I see their HQ is located in California.

    California law provides very strong protections from lawsuits designed to stifle speech. California’s Anti-SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) is one of the broadest in the nation — if they sue you, you may be able to get the case dismissed immediately and get your attorney fees paid.

    In addition to the organizations like EFF that might be willing to help you, any number of lawyers who are interested in First Amendment issues might be willing to help out — particularly because of the strong prospect that Forever 21 will wind up paying their fees. If you’d like a referral to some likely attorneys who might do this pro bono or at least without cost to you, drop a line.

  37. I love your blog!
    Contains all the content that I love!
    I’m from Brazil and I’m your fan!
    Always publish something you wrote, because we love it!
    Keep this way!


  38. Tuesday

    Don’t let them shut you down! The whole internet is behind you!

  39. Paul

    I must say, I don’t follow this blog but as a free speech activist you should fight Forever 21’s attempt to close you down. Big corporations have always tried to censor people who exercise their right to free speech as you have done, using expensive lawyers to preserve their fragile public image. The more people such as yourself who fight it, the more the public will come to know how big companies are intent on crushing the opinions of anybody and everybody to make a profit. Good luck.

  40. Kendra

    And just an FYI to any employees or anyone associated with F21 and their “lawsuit”, please note that many readers who visit this site were NEVER faithful customers to the store, then after visiting this blog decided, “oh Rachel Kane has totally opened my eyes! I’ll never shop there again!”
    no no no NO.
    The people who visit this blog enjoy it because Forever 21 is a TERRIBLE place to shop period and enjoy coming to a site where everyone has already arrived at the same conclusion: f21 hocks cheesy, cheap-o “designer knock-offs” that are really just parodies of real fashion. We didn’t learn this from Rachel’s blog….are you kidding? Anyone who steps into a f21 store with eyes and/or taste can see f21 is a place where bad trends go to die!!

    It’s not high fashion- its just comical and Rachel’s blog celebrates that. Lol

    Unfortunately for f21, Rachel’s blog did not lead to monetary loss for the f21 franchise….the designers did that…

  41. lt82

    Please don’t take this down!!! I’ve stopped shopping at F21 years ago because everytime I stroll through there, I’m just rummaging through “shit” the whole time and walk out with nothing and feeling effing frustrated! I used to shop there but I swear over the past few years, the sizing are catered to fat people (I’m petite- dont hate!). An xsmall is like an xlarge now! WTF!!!!

    • badbunni

      Actually, on the opposite of the spectrum (I’m a “plus” size girl–how is a size 12 plus?), so many of the F21+ line is ridiculously huge for me! I don’t know ANY big girl who wants to look like a crappily made Faberge egg O_O

      And as someone who’s been blessed with a giant rack, the F21 clothes don’t fit right on top either. I can honestly say the only “good” things at that store are the accessories and panties. 😛 (Just recently got a matryoshka necklace, still counting the days when the patina fades and turns my neck green.)

      I’m absolutely creeped out that there’s a FLAGSHIP store right down the street from me. Customer service is non-existent, and they only do exchange and NOT refunds. Jerks. Oh, and if you work there, you only get a 10% employee discount. Uh, that’s the sales tax in LA county.

      • lt82

        I would have to agree with you on the accessories and underthings since they’re cheap and cute 🙂 I’d rather buy my clothes at Target where sizing is more accurate, and where I can get a refund should I decide not to keep an item. Lol! Good to know that there are ladies of all sizes who have issues with F21.

      • Anonymous

        for cheap jewelry, try painting clear nail polish over them to make them last a little longer 🙂 dunno if you’ve heard of this but i hope this will help a bit 😀

  42. As a fellow blogger… don’t let them shut you down. That’s re-DICK!!! XXI – go check ya’self before ya break ya’self!

    Team WTFXXI!

  43. emily

    haha i found your blog via cocoperez and i absolutely love it. i shop at forever 21 all the time and when i see some of their retarded attempts at being “fashion forward” i always wonder who the heck wears this nonsense! dont shut it down! i just spent an hour procrastinating and just reading through your website!

  44. A new fan

    What you’re doing is in no way illegal and is protected speech. You should continue and definitely should contact a lawyer (free consultations are awesome) to see bad you can make them look, and make some money in the process. Heck, some of us should start partner blogs that do the same so you can be backed up by an army :). In my review blog I have the right to say that for example Miller with Lime tastes like donkey urine. I’m glad that this made the news though because Century21 just lost a whole lot of business in a time when they couldn’t afford to. I’m glad I found out about your blog!

  45. Sara

    Don’t shut down! This blog you have created is FANTASTIC!

  46. ChellBellz

    Good JOB! I mean I’ve walked through the plus sized line and said WTF all the time.

  47. Tea

    The F21 backlash is starting… I’m sure after all the publicity the site has gotten you’ll not only get a ton of traffic but also a ton of supporters!

  48. badbunni

    Seriously, please don’t let the F21 fascist pigs force you to take down your website! It’s VERY obvious that most of F21’s clothes are utter shit…….I won’t even go there on how those Korean immigrants EXPLOIT other immigrants they deem “lower” than them (I myself am often the target of racist shit by Koreans since I’m Pilipino).

    Fight the power!!

    • nb

      wow, racist much? get over yourself. how on earth do they “exploit” other immigrants or “expoit” them more than any other company thats not korean based? you cant put all people of one nationality in one shit bag and call it a day. Koreans are individuals and individuals have their own thoughts and beliefs. and even if all koreans hated all over immigrants, forever21 is a company and matintains a level of professionalism. point out one item they sell or one statement they’ve made where they put any nationality down and then make your fictitious claims that stem from insecurity.
      and btw, i dont know one korean who has ever put down a philipino just for being philipino. no, it doesnt mean there arent koreans out there who might look down on other races, but it does mean that not ALL koreans do.
      this legal claim is simply because this blog is using abusing their copy rights. forever21 is a brand, you cant say the name and be confused as to what youre talking about. if the site was called WTFHollister, hollister would make legal claims as well. just change the name of the site for heavens sake.
      god, you’re just sad.

      • badbunni

        NB, before you try to strike me down with your glaring ignorance, please read this Bloomberg article released earlier this year:

        I’ve been around LA’s Koreatown long enough to come to the following conclusions:
        1) Many immigrant Koreans that have businesses will do just about ANYTHING to cut costs just to be successful. (Even if it compromises the integrity of the product, the quality of service, exploiting other immigrants and threaten them with deportation, breaking the law, etc)
        2) Too many restaurants in K-Town often close down and change owners frequently because they get in trouble for serving alcohol to minors. (Sources: 1.5 and 2nd Gen Korean friends)
        3) When you combine the above two with American capitalism (the form that’s going on right now), it’s an utter disaster.

        Ok, another observation: Every single yellow (or pink) F21 bag has “John 3:16” written on the bottom. *shudder* There’s nothing scarier than Korean evangelicals…

        • ringtheory

          Rachel Kane here – I don’t like at all where this thread is going. If I see anything else that even remotely looks racist or bigotted, I’m going to take down your comment. You have been warned. Please be respectful.

          Thank you.

          • badbunni

            I guess? Ok, I’ll stop.

            With that being said, people have pretty much forgotten that you have to pay for quality. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for….

            Also, at least H&M (and other high-low brow retailers) has done collaborations with designers that WILLINGLY let them use their designs. Just sayin’…

  49. me

    Just saw news report on tv right now and decided to check out your blog…I’m a new fan!! Although I sometimes shop at f21 for a quick cheap item or two , they often have some hideous and cheaply made items that need to be “recognized”. lovin your blog…dont give in…get it in the news and get some3 free legal advice.

  50. Yuck F-21 please leave our bloggers alone! Powerful creepy people suck.

  51. Shawn

    Nope I’m letting all my friends know not to shop at Forever 21 (and quite a few of my friends do) because your blog is free speech, I know you’re not associated with Forever 21 as do others. You keep on doing what you’re doing. I support you =D.

    Don’t let these companies try to walk all over you and control what you can and can’t say! GO FREE SPEECH!

  52. Jocelyn

    Just saw this link on CocoPerez, here to show my support!
    I like Forever 21, but I love how witty you are!

    Best of luck ❤ I'm sure you won't have to shut down!

  53. Kendra

    I love this site! Do NOT give in to this pathetic excuse of a lawsuit. F21 can’t do anything, except maybe make you change the name of the actual domain, but even that seems far fetched. This blog isn’t committing any crimes. It’s a fun, opinionated fashion blog, and last time I checked the First Amendment applies to all forms of speech. forever 21 should be more concerned about the quality of their merchandise, rather than what bloggers are saying online. Unbelievable. I stopped shopping at F21 after 1 trip, because I prefer to buy clothing that can actually last longer than a month, or can withstand a cycle in the washing machine. And I prefer any accessories I buy to NOT look like it was pasted together, then “sprinked” with guady beads or feathers by a 7 year old in art class. F21 is the epitome of bad style, cheap materials/quality, and just poor business. You have a lot of support, and if EVERYONE is laughing at F21 for even thinking they had a shot at a lawsuit, well then, I believe you don’t have too much to worry about. It’s a crap store with a crap attitude that is ironically enough, constantly being sued for stealing from REAL designers (and yet despite the copying, they still manage to make the items look like it was made in the dark with child – safe scissors and super glue.)

  54. Considering I despise Forever21 anyways, this only convinced me that I was doing the right thing by not shopping there anymore.

    FIGHT IT. Us girls in Canada are supporting you!

  55. emily

    looks like f21 is getting sued by jeffrey campbell for copying 6 shoes now. im glad i love JCs. and you shouldn’t close your site down. its two cases they will lose.

  56. Another loyal reader here to offer support and well wishes! Hope you can fight it, and if not, I expect to see your writing somewhere else!

  57. Anonymous

    Dont shut down!!!! Fight it!

  58. Ridiculous. I love your blog and still shop at Forever21 yet their ridiculousness is making me rethink doing that. Trying to monopolize cheap woman’s clothing by shutting every critique and small fish they can is completely wrong. Id rather laugh than get knockoff real person clothes for nothing

  59. Anonymous

    your blog is so hilarious, i love it. fight this!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Rennie

    don’t let us lose one of the funniest fashion blogs! keep fighting against F21!

  61. Is there a petition we can sign or something?

  62. Voile Von Nederhaal

    I don’t agree that F21 should pursue you in regards to this site… everyone is entitled to express their opinion.. but seriously don’t get why you would put so much effort into creating such a negative site. I think you would be happier if you focused your energy on positive things. 🙂

  63. Rach

    WTFover21 for real.. Heard this through Perez Hilton’s website, and you just gained a fan while they lost one.

  64. Giselle

    I love this blog. I’m sure you’re taking all the steps mentioned in these comments and I hope it works out in your favor. If there’s something we can do, please let us know! Something on twitter or facebook maybe? Even if they win, you should not stop blogging! For a company constantly in trouble for child labor and designer knock-offs, I’m almost not surprised they’d want to fix their image as much as possible. But still, this whole thing sucks. Please keep us updated!

  65. pjean

    free speech..i support..they clearly try to knock down anyone lower than them but they are well-known to imitate other’s designs and ideas

  66. Anonymous

    They should be sued by all the designers they knock off! I HATE them! I used to shop there, a decade ago, and now haven’t stepped foot in there for about 6 years. I can’t give money to a company that is constantly stealing up and coming designer’s designs. It isn’t fair bc these designers don’t have the money for a fair fight. Tell them to shove their money up their ass! I am a new designer, and if they steal my ideas…. watch out! Keep your blog going!!!! You have my support(:

  67. KD

    You should start a donate button if you need help legally or approach the Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts. Stand strong.

  68. Its such bullshit that they are trying to do this considering they have no regard whatsoever for copyright infringement and rip off every designer under the sun. They’ve been sued like a zillion times for being asshats, now this?!

  69. F21 is lame for this… being in the industry and previously working with them, they are one of the worst companies to work with. They get their panties in a ruffle in any way possible to make a buck or cheat someone out of it. Good luck!

  70. Charles Ranier

    Add me to the list of people who a)heard about your blog because of media coverage of Forever21’s butthurt lawlsuit, and b) urge you to contact the EFF to get representation of the legal flavor. Forever21 can’t take the heat, or even a little ribbing, they should GTFO of the mall.

    Also, open shoutout to my nieces, guess where I’m NOT shopping for your Christmas presents this year? C’mon, guess.

  71. mama2tnt

    Let me clarify that: Google ads had a Forever 21 ad as the first line when I brought up your site: “Clothes At Forever 21® http://www.Forever21.comShop The Latest Styles For Less. Free Shipping On Orders Over $50. ”

    Anyone else?

  72. mama2tnt

    Google ads and a “Forever 21” ad when I brought up your site. Dang, loving the irony.

  73. Tomas

    Love your blog! Pretty sure most people don’t see anything wrong with what you’re doing. Best of luck with your fight!

  74. ash

    I think you are so hilarious! Just found your site, and I think you are completely in your rights –FREE SPEECH!!!! FIGHT IT!!!!!

  75. jojo

    are you in california? i’m not sure about other states, but in california, SLAPP suits are illegal. you should definitely contact EFF (electronic frontier foundation) and/or the ACLU (they love first amendment issues) to see if they can help you. legally, F21 has no case as your website is clearly a form of fair use under federal intellectual property law. don’t take your site down–it’ll just fuel the notion that big corporations can silence anyone that they’re the least bit bothered by.

  76. Rose Marie

    This is an outrage!! This is one of my favorite blogs.

  77. Suz

    Please don’t take down your site! There is absolutely no legal basis for their claim!

  78. Theresa

    Forever 21 is just making your blog famous! I only heard of this site after their lawsuit threat. Now I feel compelled to go through all the posts in case you shut it down. Even your haters who passionately defend Forever 21’s crappy wares are funny!

  79. Ashley

    Seriously, I am so pissed off. DON’T STOP. Haters gonna hate.

  80. Michael

    I say counter-sue for legal costs and whatever it costs to operate your site for the next 10 years! 🙂

  81. Alisa

    No! Don’t give up! I just found out about this awesomeness!

  82. A First Amendment kinda lawsuit? Wow. Color me very impressed… in a sultry summer citron with flirty full-on white strappy sandals and bold bangles.

    Strappy, it’s always gotta be about the f-in strappy…

    • Jr.

      Oh dear. *Sultry* combined with *citron* is a always a complete and utter no-no. I should’ve known better. Must bash head now. Hard.
      Jr. Editor
      Dobby-Wear Daily

  83. Ann

    I never heard of your site until all this, and boy am I glad I did! A bit old for Forever21 (more suited for my daughter — I don’t dig mutton dressed as lamb) but I can still get the humor. Hope your legal problems go away and glad to have found your site!

  84. Shanna

    I’ve been following your blog since the beginning and just have to say that this is completely ridiculous. It’s insane that a corporation like Forever 21 can’t deal with a bit of harmless criticism and is now threatening you with legal action. Have they ever heard of a thing called free speech? I wish you all the best with your case and hope you’re able to continue running your blog!

  85. Jazmine

    Contact the damn president if you have to- but please don’t shut this down. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in that store and thought of your blog. WE’RE WITH YOU!

  86. janelle

    Start a kickstarter donation site, I’m sure many people would donate, myself included, to keep such a huge corporation from bullying you because they can’t deal.

  87. Just wanted to add my support. Contact the EFF ASAP.

  88. If it weren’t for this stupid lawsuit, I never would have found out about this blog. I’ve been mocking the wtf clothes for a long time and it’s nice to see someone else’s take.

  89. Actually? Forever 21’s site may be even funnier than Rachel’s is. Unless you’re in a market for a nice blue/taupe plaid trimmed fedora…..

  90. Add my voice to the chorus urging you to contact the EFF. And keep this blog up! Forever 21 is obviously trying to throw a SLAPP lawsuit at you; stick to your guns and maybe you end up with some of Forever 21’s money in your pocket when it’s all done.

  91. Tara

    Pretty sure you’re protected under fair use, which includes parody. Talk to a lawyer. You can probably get it dismissed without spending too much at all.

  92. Das Bus

    Keep your site up. Help is on the way.

  93. Oh man.. sad… bistids.

  94. sarah

    You are awesomesauce.

  95. Uh yeah, so if you’re infringing on copyrights, then what the hell are they doing by obviously making fake designer goods and selling them? Because stealing intellectual property isn’t wrong, but making fun of someone who does is.

    Sounds like Etsy values to me. Best of luck to you in fighting the idiots.

  96. Littleone

    Uh, this is a hilarious blog, one that makes me laugh and love Forever 21 even more. So, uh, they need a serious BACKBONE! If you can’t take the heat, then get out of the fashion kitchen!!! Hugs and kisses for you though and stay awesome!

  97. Stay strong! I love this!

  98. Just found out about this via The Frisky. I support you too, Rachel! This site is hilarious.

  99. Danielle

    I love your blog! You have so many supporters here!

  100. Jigsaw Jones

    What kind of world do we live in where we can’t make fun of shit on the internet without fear of getting sued?? SOOO many people love this store that I seriously DOUBT this blog is going to result in lost sales.

  101. Kate

    You can’t be sued, because I just found out about your site! How about or Don’t stop the magic!

  102. Alison

    This stinks! I tweeted and FB’d about this and am hoping Forever 21 is publicly shamed so they stop badgering you. Utterly ridiculous. Corporations think they can own us, huh?

  103. I wish I had the resources to pay your legal fees.

  104. Ashley

    Here for the support as well! I wouldn’t blame you for calling it quits, but I am pulling for you to hang in there. You are completely within your rights, and your blog is also HILARIOUS! Good luck.

  105. LaLA

    Agreed- here for the support! This is ludicrous. Please do not take down this site. Social media is important for a reason- and besides they should love the extra publicity you give them. I don’t see them suing any other bloggers that link to their content.

    As one might say…

  106. Here for the support. Turned ad block off and everything. 🙂

  107. mori

    You know what… I understand your utter disgust and hate? for the brand/store but why the freakin need to make a site out of it. Plus its not like F21 is the only one doing ‘labour’ shit…its the whole wide world, even the NOT obvious ones! F21 is cheap thats why People buy their products…and some like ’em some don’t . Of course the whole lawsuit thing is a BIT foolish from their part,there wouldn’t have been much uproar abt this site if they hadn’t 😮
    But really F21 sells like hotcakes and while you may be going on cribbing abt each of their pieces, There are millions more Loving the the brand’s existence. This shit is really lame!!!!!

    • liekomg!

      You know what… I understand your utter disgust and hate? for the comedy blog but why the freakin need to make a comment on it. Plus its not like WTF21 is the only one doing ‘parody’ shit…its the whole wide internet, even the NOT obvious sites! WTF21 is hilarious thats why People read their posts…and some like ‘em some don’t . Of course the whole company thing is a BIT foolish from their part, there wouldn’t have been much uproar abt their ridiculous fashion offerings if they hadn’t 😀
      But really WTF21 sells like hotcakes and while you may be going on cribbing abt each of their posts, There are millions more Loving the the site’s existence. This shit is really lame!!!!!

    • Do you also post anti- messages on Regretsy? Yeah, shut up.

    • gg

      this site is trash. I cant even bring myself to read your blog because your writting is just as shitty as the Forever21 items you make fun of. i can only imagine how many hours youve spent skimming through their entire catalog to find a few things to make fun of on this shitastic little website of yours but it was a WASTE. yeah, some of the things they make are a bit ridiculous but they cater to a larger spectrum of shoppers than other stores like hollister or what ever place you’d go to. they have their own factories to produce everything they make, right down to the fabric. they are one of the biggest companies in the industry and for a reason. how about you actually do some research. youre pathetic and lack any talent for writing. i bet you sent your case to all of these blogs youve listed and paid them off too because theres no way anyone actually gives a shit about your pathetic blog. i only came here to see if the site was worth legal action for the company…. its not.

      • Virtualchoirboy

        U mad bro? 🙂

      • Hon

        Any bets if we look up your IP address it would lead to the legal dept of F21?

        Well it is easy to cater to a wide range of customers, when you just steal others designs and pass them off as your own.

        The factories that on a good day would have been called sweatshops?

        As to research, it seems you need to do some yourself. Your blind support for a company that steals others intellectual property and has abused people producing those items for your trendy self to wear.

        When you support Forever21 your supporting theft and oppressing people to make a dollar.

        You might want to look into learning punctuation and grammar before taking pot shots at others writing style.

        • gg

          you’re paranoid, as if a huge corporation would take the time to hire fake writers. go ahead, trace my IP number and then take the same amount of time it took you to write this comment to write a statement acknowledging the fact that you were wrong. all you’ll find is someone who has never been affiliated with the company nor anyone who works for the company.
          it doesnt take a genuis to realize someones dumb
          and their stealing of intellectual property is between them and the ones they stole from. im not saying they dont have their own faults but try to focus on the flipping point dear. their claim on this site is legit, the blogger is stealing their intellectual property, a term you like to throw around, by using their name, which they’ve protected in every legal way. all the blogger has to do is change the stupid name.
          how about you backup your words with some research. when have they ever abused and oppressed people? haha do they have slave shops and whip their workers? force them into days of labor? my god, you’ve changed my mind. they are all evil! all pure evil! and that means this blogger can ABUSE THEIR rights ! yeah, thats how america works.
          i havent even shopped there in many years and i dont believe personal oppinions have any place in court. a lot of the people who have made comments here have personal agendas, if you actually look at the facts instead of blowing up the issue to something its not, you’ll see forever21 has every right to shut down the blog. its not an issue of freedom of speech, its an issue of copyright laws.
          instead of just changing the name of the blog, as many here have stated there are similar domains available, the blogger has put in more effort to spread her story and slap forever21 for trying to neglect someones freedom of speech, when thats not their issue with the blog to start with.

          • Hon

            Actually you seem to be unaware that free speech includes parody sites like “”.
            She is not selling items here and this is clearly parody, which is free speech.
            While the average Forver21 shopper might somehow be so ignorant to think this is the actual Forever21 site, the average person would see this site as a humorous site pointing out some very funny things.
            And nope, I pegged you as dumb early on.
            Really, never abused people. Maybe you missed the lawsuits they were forced to settle. Paying workers 12 cents an item which means they needed to produce 66 of them an hour to make minimum wage. The state investigations of the sweatshops, the freaking documentary showing the sweatshops.
            And you have a personal agenda to, it is to demand she bend to your will even though her actions are perfectly legal.
            And the comments about Forver21 stealing others intellectual property are actually very funny as they claim the blogger here is stealing their property.
            And if you had read the demand letter they demanded she NEVER OPEN ANOTHER SITE MAKING FUN OF THEM, so just changing the name… not an offered option.
            Reading… I know its hard but maybe if you could do it without moving your lips you would have seen how over reaching the demands made by the lawyer are in the face of the actual law of the land.
            Their issue with the blog is – She made fun of us, shut her up. They created this amazing claim on paper that she is hurting them, and ignored all of the prior court rulings on this type of parody and then made claims that are ridiculous to try to appear to have a case.
            So while you think they have an airtight case, maybe you should go find some real facts by reading things other than the new specials at Forever21 before you say something else to make yourself appear foolish.
            Corporations – You can make fun of them… its legal. They might not like to see sucks, blows, WTF, OMG, or lots of other words next to them, but that does not make it illegal.

  108. Forever 21 can suck it. I hate that as a huge corporation feels like they can bully a hilarious person such as yourself. No matter what happens, please keep on with your humor and writing. Your observations are priceless and I’d hate to lose them.

  109. This sucks. I hope you are able to find a way around it, but if not, keep blogging (WTFashion, perhaps?).

  110. Kristen

    They have totally missed the point. Sent via Jezebel and saw way more F21 merch here than I would have otherwise within the year. You are no stain on their image and they are being douchebags. Best of luck with this C.F.

  111. Just popping by, having read about this BS on Jezebel.

    I’m really sorry this crap’s going down. I would second the comment about contacting the EFF. I really hope you don’t take the site down, I really don’t think Forever21 has a legit case, they’re just being bullies – and I think it would be wonderful to see someone stand up to them.

    Unfortunately I do understand as well that a company like that has the funds and resources to turn even a no-case court battle into a long, protracted, and expensive affair that even someone in the right can’t afford to drag out.

    I just.

    Grr. I am so angry I am completely inarticulate here.

    I’m really sorry 😦

  112. Liza Marie

    Just writing to say, love your site. With you all the way.

  113. Amy

    Sickend to hear about the cease and desist letter, I love this site.
    Hopefully you turn your biting wit towards a more deserving target, since F21 obviously can’t handle it. Oh well, their clothes are shit anyway.

  114. I wonder if these idiots in their legal dept have any idea how many people read your blog and how loud we can be. They really shouldn’t start fights with their target market.

  115. Liz

    Seriously, don’t take down this site. Jezebel is right.

  116. Bernie

    I just read about your predicament with forever21. I would suggest changing your site to
    That domain is available, I checked and you could redirect traffic from this domain to the new one plus, as an added side effect it would get right up the noses of forever21.

    Just a thought.

  117. The internet is with you.

    Can’t stop the signal

    x GS

  118. Dan

    Have you considered contacting the EFF (

  119. I can’t wait for the backlash that’ll inevitably come their way for this one. When you’re a company that has 3rd world children making clothing this terrible, you should really try to be a little more forgiving.

    SOLIDARITY FIST, GIRL. Great reason to boycott their trash heap of a store.

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