Such a Vibrant Thing

There seems to be a rash of “ethnic” inspired accessories coming out of the shame factory this month and the following baglet is no exception.

Small Vibrant Handbag: $19.80

Pom Poms.

Metallic threading.

Sequins and beads.

Couch fabric.

This bag is less Slumdog Millionaire and more shit sandwich.What’s for certain is no one is winning any awards for THIS thing.

Forever 21, Is this your FINAL answer?




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25 responses to “Such a Vibrant Thing

  1. gopi

    all of u have bad taste. that’s such a cute bag! ❤

  2. Letty

    Not my style but some people might like it.

  3. Its pretty……..


  4. I was actually given a bag just like this while in Afghanistan earlier this year. The shopkeeper gave it to me because he said I had pretty eyes, but I think it was because it was hideous and no one would buy such a thing. Not even in Afghanistan.

  5. John Vreeland

    The poms give it more of a “Forever 13” look. I’ve seen worse; though I cannot think of any.

  6. This is what an ‘ethnic’ bag looks like in my country …

    P.S – I’m from India btw

  7. Anonymous

    So apparently these are out of stock on the Forever21 site…people actually bought this…?

  8. The pompoms just push it STRAIGHT over the edge of tackiness. If there were paillettes in their place, it just might be a passable accessory – if you’re a fake hippie.

  9. It looks as if someone just covered a bag in glue and rolled it around in an Elementary School craft bin. I’m sure that whatever “tribe” that bag originated from was devoured by the volcano god.

    but i have to say i am laughing at your opinions they are very true and hilarious!

  11. Hank

    Does that pom pom thing on the bottom look like a vag to anyone else?

  12. Regan

    The couch fabric is my futon cover. I’m not sure how I feel about that now!


    does anybody else find it disturbingly racist that F21 arbitrarily labels things as “ethnic” or “tribal” with complete disregard and lack of knowledge for what they’re imitating?

    Keep it up, this website is great and you have your First Amendment rights.

    • wild

      I agree with sssulliva! Their designer’s must be sweatshop laborer’s who are told what to do based on what their higher ups are seeing/experiencing outside of the labor camps. How can any designer come up with great designs’s living on a bowl of rice every few days? Who are the people behind these racist’s anyhoo??? Their imitation’s are just that! Nothing authentic comes from their store’s because their designs are not their’s are they??

  14. Douchette

    I would buy it, and then set it on fire .

  15. Anonymous

    That’s ugly. To me, it’s a poor imitation of the ethnic bags they sell in my home country, part of the Andean Community (aka, South America). Instead of spending almost 20 bucks for it, I rather go to the “ethnic” market in here and get a more fashion sensible piece for half the price.

  16. That circus from the Himalayas called they want their bag back.

  17. Leeza

    This style is exactly like that of the minorities of south China

  18. HelenaHandbasket

    The bottom center embellishment looks like a ladyflower. If they were cunning, they could have made a little flap there for a tampon dispensery.

  19. Christian

    Not particularly interestingly, I own this bag. Interestingly, I bought it from Accessorise a year ago.

  20. Rennie

    haha that is just awwwful!

  21. Little Miss Owl

    Is it wrong that I somewhat like this?

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