Wonderful Wednesday: Hot, Hot Heat

Once a week we press pause on the horror show of WTF to pay earnest tribute to Forever 21’s cunning clothing style.

In honor of the impending hot weather May, June and sunny should July bring, we take a look at F21’s flouncy, feminine features made to keep you feeling and looking cool for the fairest months of them all.

Chantilly Lace Dress: $29.80

Enjoy the breeze. It’s Wonderful Wednesday.

Embellished Round Flats: $17.80

So fun. So chic. So easy. Like summertime in shoe form.

Drawstring Woven Shorts: $17.80

Relaxed and picnic ready.

Solid Cotton Slip: $10.80

On the beach or in the bedroom.

Asymmetrical Splatter Dress: $27.80

Wear all day and then out all night.

Forever 21, Wonderful.



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28 responses to “Wonderful Wednesday: Hot, Hot Heat

  1. Anonymous

    I really like the lace dress! The cotton slip seems comfortable too.

  2. Very nice….

    kisses from Florianópolis, Brasil

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  4. Erika

    Your grandmother called, she wants her doily runner back..

  5. I actually wore the Chantilly Lace Dress for my wedding on November 1, 2010. Found out later it’s kinda see-through if you wear stark white underwear, but I will forever love that dress. :3 ❤

  6. Can I just give a WOOT WOOT to getting so much attention on your blog? Forever 21 and many other brands could really take a lesson and learn that by threatening to sue or actually suing, if they loose then you REALLY WIN. Mazel!

    Care to do a quick interview with me for my blog idolsandegos.com? I don’t ask boring questions and it will be fun. for me at least.

    holler at me kob@idolsandegos.com

  7. daydreamvacation

    i never knew of this site until today, as i know i’m not the only person now that the chinese rip off queens have plastered a cease and desist against you.

    i never understood the appeal of this place. yea yea you get cheaper clothes. you get UGLY crap too,
    it’s pretty funny how icky a lot of their stuff is. i found 2 things that i liked in one store. took me hours, but that’s pretty sad.

    anyway, you are hilarious. your references are fantastic. love you, even if they don’t 🙂

    • Anna

      Forever 21 is an American company that chooses to outsource it’s company to other countries. They are not owned by Chinese people. Get your facts on straight before you made a stupid, ignorant post. Some of the clothes are not made in China, but other countries such as India.

      • Anon

        Korean, Chinese… they all look the same!? (Please note my sarcasm)

      • wild

        Just as bad! Should all be made here in the USA if they are sold here! Or make sure that China and India practice fair labor laws! India is no better to their lowly wage earners than China! So stupid to shop at any store that supports child labor! Ignorance is not excuse!

      • Anonymous

        Anna honey, you are a fool! Do you work for Forever21? Did you post that in hope to keep your conscience clean? Because the point that was being made was that they are ripping off other people’s designs in a cheap, unappealing way. NOT that the clothes are made in China..

    • Anonymous

      they are korean…

      • wild

        The owner’s are Korean! The clothing are outsourced to other countries that employ children to do the work for very long hours without a life!

  8. Wow, you really have no life.

  9. Anonymous

    I wore this dress to my engagement party! love it and didn’t need to worry about spilt wine!

  10. Anonymous

    shut the fuck up

  11. Ana

    i have that dress. I love it wore it to a gay club and they played Like a Virgin in my honor.
    but what was weird was I bought it at Heritage after seeing after trying it on at the forever 21 in the SAME mall.

  12. Anonymous

    I hope they realize that by suing you, they’re both drawing attention to you and your wonderful website as well as furthering my already bad opinion of them. So well done F21. Well done.

  13. T

    Fuck Forever21! Do Not, I repeat, DO NOT take this site down! They can blow chunks! Your absolutely hilarious!

  14. Weired that F21 has slapped you with a C&D – you’re putting good photos of their stuff out on the internets to people like me who would never walk into the store or visit their website. And, you know? Some of it isn’t so bad looking.

  15. Lauryn

    That chantilly lace dress is awesome… however, it has vanished from their website, and despite picking through the massive Forev that’s across the street from work, I was unable to find it 😡 Oh, but don’t worry, they do have at least 16 different versions of one shouldered bodycon dresses… wtf?!

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