Pray to the Great Spirit

Pass the peace pipe.

Beaded Pouch Necklace: $6.80

I am going to have to smoke some serious sticky icky to actually put this thing around my neck and wear it in public.

I’m pretty sure they copied the design from a gift shop item at that racist amusement park, “Red Skin Ranch.”

Ugh. I weep for the people of the Golden Bird Felt Baggy Bead Necklace Nation.

Forever 21,




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17 responses to “Pray to the Great Spirit

  1. Letty

    I think it’s decent :S if it was a purse, not so much but necklaces are fairly small..

  2. If a Boy Scout presented this to me in hopes of earning his Native American Studies merit badge, I’d tell him that it was people like him that gave the Indians small pox, and thump him on the forehead.

  3. Dew

    That’s a necklace?

    Funny how I thought it was a purse…

  4. x3

    I just left Knotts Berry Farm ( racist theme park) saw a ton of these.

  5. *sigh* I graduated from a reservation school, and as we walked across and were given our diplomas, we were also given a small beaded pouch necklace made of hand-tanned deer hide. It’s called a Medicine Bag (in my family, at least) and it’s for holding good luck charms (Big Medicine). These are kind of a big deal…it’s pretty crappy for any company, F21 or the brands they’re knocking off, to mass-produce them. *sigh*

  6. Jess Hunter

    Was that Leonard NImoy?

  7. As an injun, I’d like to express my complete WTF thanks for pointing out the absurdity of this product.

  8. Just the name Forever 21 makes me shake my head sadly & say WTF. You’ve gladdened me by making this blog & eviscerating them as they deserve!

  9. This has to be the fugliest necklace I have ever had the misfortune to lay my eyes upon. Who buys this stuff?? I love your site. Please don’t take down your site. I think needs to be your new site name. Do you have an attorney?

  10. Giselle

    because the last tiny pouch necklace was such a success!

  11. Was just browsing the f21 site when I came across this beauty and it dawned on me that it had been too long since I’d been here. . .

  12. Ooh what a coincidence. I used the phrase “sticky icky” for the first time in my life this past weekend. I felt all Snoop Doggish

  13. Shanna

    What is up with all these fug necklaces F21 keeps producing? Gross!

  14. Anonymous

    youre a fabulous writer i’m so happy i found this site


    That looks like something I made in Girl Scout camp when I was 12. Except mine was of a much higher quality. O_o

    • Jess Hunter

      Is that Leonard Nimoy?

      • The “Crying Indian” is Iron Eyes Cody, born Espera Oscar de Corti (his parents were Sicilian immigrants).

        And I’m totally with you on how awful this crap is. It’s akin to those idiots who drive around with dreamcatchers on their rearview mirrors–absolutely no concept of what the thing actually means.

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