Uniformly Ugly

Quick question. Just, super fast. One minute…

Ruffled Romper: $24.80

WTF IS this?

Seriously. Why does this romper exist? Is it the official uniform of some highly unfashionable flight attendants from the 50’s?

I wouldn’t wear this on a DARE, let alone pay $25 for it and be SEEN wearing it up and down the land during my daily life.

It looks like something in the collection of casual wear from “The Running Man.”

Forever 21,




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28 responses to “Uniformly Ugly

  1. Aja

    I just snort laughed.

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  3. LOL, this is a hilarious post and a REALLY ugly romper!

  4. That girl looks PISSED to be wearing it!

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  6. HAHA your so funny. I hate when I’m dragged into clothing stores. Your post make me want to read more though.

  7. I do not know where to begin, so I will not. That big ass upholstery zipper does scream class though.

  8. themadjewess

    I am a sz 14, there is NO WAY I would wear that rag.
    I like Rue 21.

  9. mj

    The model looks really bummed to be wearing that abomination.

  10. Mistrwrong

    Violet is turning violet!

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  12. K8T

    Of course they had to put their plus sized model into the frumpiest piece of ugly I have ever seen!

  13. Pfunk

    I swear that top pic looks like her head is on backwards. Guess if “fatal car crash” is what you’re going for…

  14. Anonymous

    OMG that would not look good on a three year old! Truly a WTF or are they now dealing and or using drugs? You would need to be seriously stoned to think this is a good idea.

  15. ChellBellz

    I am starting hate everything the plus size line is cranking out, I wonder if they have plus size designers working on their line? I would love to design for them!

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  17. Anonymous

    this is a knockoff of the one sold at urban outfitters last season.. typical

  18. Gal

    That’s looks like my mandatory gym uniform from jr high (1968) Same color too.

  19. Anonymous

    That’s looks like my mandatory gym uniform from 1968. Same color too.

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  21. Sarah

    In general, wearing an elastic waist between the ages of 10-70 is a bad idea.

  22. Anonymous

    Jesus. I thought everyone had figured out by know rompers can only look passably good on models and super skinny chicks. Heck, that woman up there is a model and this outfit makes her look like Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Rompers are never a good idea.

    • Anonymous

      I had similar thoughts when I saw that picture. The romper is actually from the plus size dept, the model is wearing a 1X (followed link to F21 site for info). It seems this thing only comes in + sizes if you can believe it. The cut would make an anorexic look fat. Any romper is hard to get away with if you have a few extra lbs, but it looks like someone went out of their way to make the plus size version particularly unflattering. None of the non- plus size rompers I saw on F21 site had that stupid zipper or put the ruffles in all the wrong places.

  23. Classic “WTF” look

  24. Woooow. That’s one of ugliest, unflattering outfits I’ve ever seen. It’s so bad, in fact, that I carried my laptop to the next room to show my boyfriend. Everyone must know about this crime against fashion.

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