Leatherette Tassel Necklace: $8.80

Someone has addressed the need for monks in the 14th century to have a device for whipping themselves, but that also lets them look FAAABBBulous in the meantime.

Forever 21, Whip it good.



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8 responses to “WTFlagellation

  1. Letty

    I wouldn’t wear this ’cause it’s not my taste but some people I know would want to get this.

  2. Holly

    Your site is hilarious, thank you! Forever 21 needs to get a clue and realize these funny comments don’t deter me in the least from wanting to shop there. If anything, they should be thanking you for advertising their products!

  3. Leatherette…for when you’re just not feeling bad enough about yourself.

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  5. Anonymous

    Freedom of Speech wins here

  6. Oh my god, why are you getting sued!??! Whip it good my friend, love your blog.

  7. This is the sort of thing my (former) Home Ec. teacher would make and wear with pride.

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