Puuurffffeecccttttly FUCKED

My oh my, what a lovveellllyyy litttlleeee kitttiieeeeee.

Puurrrrfect Cat Necklace: $1.50

Oh, wait. That’s just a thin piece of wood that’s been whittled into the vague shape of a feline with a bit of ribbon wrapped round it.

At least it’s priced appropriately.

Forever 21, WTF?



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16 responses to “Puuurffffeecccttttly FUCKED

  1. Letty

    I’d buy this, good price.

  2. I bought this for my daughter (7y/o) and she loves it. Cheaper than going to Claires 😀

  3. The bow makes it classy right? Right?

  4. Anonymous

    WTF everyone this is plain stupid go get a life instead of trying ot figure out mean things to say about Forever 21 jjeez

  5. Anonymous

    kinda creepy

  6. they totally got this out of a gumball machine.

  7. Mattie

    some poor little chinese girl probably carved her little fingers off making this necklace for a penny. sad times. wtforever21!

  8. jjonesmanning

    i think it’s overpriced. not that anyone over age 5 should buy it.

    • ringtheory

      It’s pretty ridic. I love its little pink bow, too. That’s just the perfect, extra little touch it needs to put it over the edge from being acceptable to UN.

  9. I don’t…hate this.

  10. Sarah

    Is this from the Giftshop?

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