Those 70’s Earrings

Oh, goody.

Rolo Chain Beaded Earrings: $4.80

Those bead curtains that provide no privacy and serve no other purpose than to get tangled around each other, or in your hair when you walk through them, came back from 1973 and decided to become earrings.

Forever 21, This is a Gross Misuse of Time Travel



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7 responses to “Those 70’s Earrings

  1. Letty

    I don’t have piercings so earrings don’t really affect me.

  2. Anonymous

    Not to start a grammar argument on your blog, but I find it annoying when people correct 50’s, etc to 50s. Yes, it has been streamlined to no apostrophe in about the last 20 years, but before that, 50’s was the norm. The apostrophe spelling is still acceptable, but less favoured. I’m in my early thirties and remember the shift to dropping the apostrophe starting some time in high school, and it looking odd to me for quite a while.

    I see a lot of people freaking out that the apostrophe is only possessive or denotes a contraction, and don’t know it can be used to form plurals with irregular words, letters and numerals. I can only assume they are too young to remember when this was the norm and don’t know that it is only a relatively recent revision of language that has seen it fall out of favour.

    The preceding apostrophe – ’70s – is optional. ’70s, 70s, ’70’s, 70’s are all correct.

    Anyway sorry to go on about it here, am just hoping some might see this and stop needlessly correcting people who aren’t wrong! I should also mention, I love your blog!

  3. throughthemirrorofmymind

    Hysterical…even the third time.

  4. Anonymous

    This blog is hilarious. It’s ’70s and ’50s, though, not 70’s and 50’s.

  5. Who would have thought earrings would make me laugh so much!

  6. cara

    It’s just great when you’re looking at their jewelry in-store and it breaks right while you are looking at it!

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