WTFashion Flashback

The 90’s called …

Paisley Chiffon Skirt: $19.80

And even THEY can’t believe someone is still selling this shit.

This style of skirt hasn’t been acceptable since Achy Breaky Heart was on the radio and Miley Cyrus was just a twinkle in her daddy’s nutsack.

Forever 21,




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8 responses to “WTFashion Flashback

  1. Letty

    I don’t like long skirts in general.

  2. OMG You’re killin me. You’re a genius- hilarious. Keep it up! So glad I found you via the news drama!

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  4. Giselle

    “twinkle in a nutsack”…I have to use this in a conversation haha

  5. Jolie

    fashionistas say it’s the new thing! really! all throwbacks, all the time

    • ringtheory

      Man. I won’t even lie – this skirt takes me right back to ’95. But, you know, it was another time. Things were crazy, especially skirts.

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