Close Encounters of the Clutch Kind

Holy shit. BEADS.

Beaded Mosaic Clutch: $23.80

Yet another clutch originating from the  planet CosbySweater in the constellation AssUgly in the universe of WTF.

This is obviously something that would only be purchased and worn by an alien being, not familiar with our social mores and also not familiar with The Cosby Show and its many sweaters of comical style.

Forever 21, WTF?



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4 responses to “Close Encounters of the Clutch Kind

  1. Jrussell424

    Oh god….stomach cramps….my cheeks hurt…..Cosby sweaters….please stop….too funny…

  2. Letty

    Hard to match clothes with..

  3. Great job with the writing. You’re hilarious.

    Need a lawyer?


    The Franchise King®

  4. Anonymous


    Thanks to Forever 21 for turning me on to this blog.

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