Major Ugly

What exactly are they trying to say with these overalls?

Polka Dot Overalls: $18.90

Navy blue and white? Gold chain loop and matching buttons in front?

What, is her pussy like a Five Star General? Should we all be saluting that thing?

Forever21, WTF?



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17 responses to “Major Ugly

  1. Letty

    ..this is on my want list.

  2. Oh common, ALL the nerds are wearing it these days

  3. sdragoc

    I wore that to my Jr. High graduation-in 1990.

  4. Wow! They have quite the knack for taking a piece of WTF’ery and jazzing it up with even more WTF’ery…but in gold.

  5. The gold buttons with the chains are very 80s

  6. Anisah

    I died at the
    What, is her pussy like a Five Star General? Should we all be saluting that thing?

  7. Meunie

    yo, it’s basic asian street fashion.
    look around seoul or tokyo, you’ll see at least 10 people wearing something like this.

  8. Ymani

    honestly? I like the look.

  9. Rob

    It is not cute and you are WTFunny!

  10. foeva

    That’s not cute but neither are you. You talk a lot of shit and sound miserable.

  11. Anonymous

    i have those overalls thank you very much… -.-
    it doesn’t even look bad.

  12. erribodi

    I actually think this is cute.

  13. kit

    hmmm wouldn’t be all that bad if u lose the hardware. tho you’d have to be under age 18 w/ a bmi under 18 to successfully pull this off…

  14. I disagree, I actually think it’s too cute.

  15. sharlotte

    this isnt THAT bad. i mean, its a cute outfit, i would just never wear it myself

  16. Casey

    Ooh, and a striped polo shirt and huge glasses, too. Rowr. Because nothin’ says SEXAY like the “Urkel look”.


  17. This kind of outfit looks good on NO ONE.

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