I’m Wearing Boat … Shoes

There are three things you want in a boating shoe;

Comfort, a slip-proof rubber sole …


And fucking BLING.

Metallic Boat Shoes: $22.80

These are the boat shoes T-Pain wears when we he boats. And we all know how T-Pain boats.

Like a BOSS.

Forever 21, Never thought I’d be on a boat.




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7 responses to “I’m Wearing Boat … Shoes

  1. Anonymous

    I’d like to see the outfits you put together and actually wear. Those shoes are so cute! They’re selling in Lord and Taylor for 60+.

  2. Only if you’re like over the age of 70 and living in Florida with skin that looks like imitation Coach leather should these be worn.

  3. LOL! Turtleneck and Chain Mofo! You’re blog is fucking hilarious! Wishing you all the best in the next few days! Good luck!

    Kristin xoxo

  4. Erica

    Ew, those shoes look like the orthopedics my grandma wears.

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