King Henry the WTF

Maybe I’ve just been watching too many back-to-back episodes of “The Tudors.”

Quilted Faux Leather Jacket: $11.99

Or maybe this jacket is just effed.

Look at the poor girl! She looks like someone has just pissed all over her cornflakes and told her she’s going to be beheaded because she can’t bear sons.

Forever 21, Off with Her Jacket!



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14 responses to “King Henry the WTF

  1. I actually saw this in the store about November last year (I suppose when it first came out) in LA. I looked pretty crazy to pull off but I tried it on anyway and it was actually cute! It really depends on how you wear it though and it’s definitely not an everyday wear. But as I remember it, it was much more when I saw it at the store. I think it was about $30~50. Don’t remember the exact price but it was definitely much more than $12. I guess no one was buying it so they knocked down the price heftily. I didn’t end up buying it though.

  2. Chinita

    i actually like this one…but your site makes me laugh….this coming from a former forever21 manager =D

  3. ChellBellz

    She looks like someone has just pissed all over her cornflakes and told her she’s going to be beheaded because she can’t bear sons. <<< Funniest Quote EVER!

  4. Jigsaw Jones

    I’d have that same look on my face if I had to wear that shit, too.

  5. Chelsea

    Omg this post had me rolling at 3am last night! Now I’m here again and I still cannot stop laughing…the beheaded comment is classic.

  6. Shanna

    What happened to the blog? There hasn’t been a new post in weeks. I hope everything is okay!

    • ringtheory

      Shanna! Everything is great! I haven’t been updating as often because by the grace of G-d I got a new job! But thankfully your comment has jolted me out of my haze and I am recommiting to WTFucking on a daily basis! Thanks for reading.

      • Shanna

        Thanks for replying 🙂 Every day I see hideous garments on F21’s website and I can’t wait until I see them on here!

  7. Hahaha even the model looks miserable!

  8. Wednesday

    I do not know what this says about me…but I kinda like it.

  9. Man, at least F21 usually tries to pass of ridiculous shit like this by overcharging for it… but at $11.99 they’re pretty much just accepting that it sucks.

  10. Casey

    *snerk* Tudors FTW!

    “because she can’t bare sons.” Um, that should probably be “bear sons”, because otherwise…yeah, I’m not sure we should go there. ;-D

    • ringtheory

      Casey! I love it when someone corrects my grammar/spelling! Thank you!! And yes, Tudors, most definitely, FTW.

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