Busted Ass Boots: Beyond Thunderdome

Two shoes enter…

All dignity leave.

Thunderdome, bitches.

Forever 21, We Don’t Need Another Hero.



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11 responses to “Busted Ass Boots: Beyond Thunderdome

  1. Hannah

    you’re honestly just giving american’s a bad name, as if we all had the same bad opinions on fashion. What makes you an expert?

  2. Letty

    I like those boots, they’re currently a trend in HK, I got myself a pair but it’s all black.

  3. noooooooooo. these types of sandals are the rage right now in Spain. I was really hoping us Americans knew better.

  4. From the looks of her face, the boots even gave Tina gas. Are they orthopedic?

  5. Mary

    I only know of one person who can pull these off: http://www.smashbros.com/en_us/characters/pit.html

  6. Peggy

    Finally! All of the discomfort of a flip-flop combined with all of the ankle-sweat of a pair of ugs!

  7. sugabee

    LOL This blog is freakin hilarious!!! Welcome to Thunderdome, classic!

    Can you imagine who in the real world would buy those fugly things?

  8. kit

    woah… this, uh, footwear has got to have the worst case of identity crises ever! it even wants to be a belt. & also a paper bag w/ a 40 of colt 45.

  9. Hodji

    This is why I always carry a hammer.

  10. Oh god! Open-toed boots of any kind are an absolute abomination.

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