The Tiny Purse for Women Who Can’t Carry Things Good (and Who Wanna to Learn to Carry Other things, too)

What IS this?

Leatherette Pouch Necklace: $4.80

A purse for ANTS?!

How can we expect women to carry too much shit in their purses, when they can’t even fit anything inside the POUCH?




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27 responses to “The Tiny Purse for Women Who Can’t Carry Things Good (and Who Wanna to Learn to Carry Other things, too)

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  2. It’s a nickel holder….it holds exactly ONE nickel! (Run Ronnie Run)

  3. Letty

    As a necklace, it’s a clever design.

  4. Anonymous

    i use this necklace for clubbing 😉

  5. kelly

    LOL i don’t care abt foever 21. but cuz of the lawsuit i know your site. this is hilarious!

  6. Kris

    I love it! I need it! I’ve been looking for this all my life! It’s the world’s tiniest Bag of Holding! Trust me, it’s WAY bigger on the inside.

    What, none of you play Dungeons and Dragons? Sheesh.

  7. LMAO!!!!! U are hilarious for this!! hahahaha I’m dying!

  8. Definitely just lol’ed at “what is this, a purse for ANTS?!” loud enoigh for my upstairs neighbors to hear.

  9. ChellBellz

    Oh god….I have spit out my iced coffee LMBO Lord!

  10. Jeannie

    Okay, you made me laugh out loud on that one! Priceless entertainment. Thank you, my dear!

  11. condom theory

    My theory…its a condom purse…perfectly sized and perfectly place around the neck as to make sure you don’t get too far whilst drunk before putting on protection

  12. Cori P

    ok, the funniest blog I’ve read in a long time, and yet I can sort of understand why Forever 21 has their panties in a bunch. However, it’s not your fault that they produce and sell such crap. Who the heck designs this stuff and do small children in sweat shops sew their fingers together making it?

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  14. Shelby

    I lol’ed at this for 5 minutes. You crack me up 🙂 i love this blog! hahahahahah

    it’s hard when you realise all you’re good at in life is being really really ridiculously good-looking!

  15. Jessie

    they’re trying to make a profit off of the lindsay lohan case! it resembles the necklace she was wearing with the stolen one!

  16. Okay. Lol at the purse necklace thing, but also lol at the connection to Zoolander. This post is epic.

    • ringtheory

      Zoolander is epic. I am going to have a week where I just make posts that are references to nothing but Zoolander.

  17. Michelle

    “a purse for ANTS?!” hahahah this is gold!

    • ringtheory

      I’m getting concerned at how many Zoolander related posts I make. I can somehow always make something from F21 relate to that movie.

  18. A

    HAHAHA this made me as happy as getting orange mocha frappucinos

  19. whitney

    This is probably one of you’re funniest posts yet. I ❤ it!

  20. Lily

    That is a straight-up crack rock purse.

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