Splatter Print Harem Pants

Just when you thought it was marginally safe to go back into Forever 21, you realize what time it is.


Splatter Print Harem Pants: $29.00

I know a certain MC would be more than happy to snatch these up.

Forever 21, You Can’t Touch This.



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17 responses to “Splatter Print Harem Pants

  1. Letty

    I’ve tried 2 pairs of harem pants before, it doesn’t do much justice for my figure so I dropped it but some people can rock ’em well, including something like this.

  2. They are all the rage in Spain, and I hope they dont become popular in the states, they are horrendous! Most of the people in Spain are fashionable CLUELESS. They actually called these type of pants shit pants. Because it looks like you took a big stinky dump in your pants. I mean really.

    • Anonymous

      I saw these pants and I had to reply…. I just got back from Spain, and they really are EVERYWHERE.
      We saw different ‘shapes’ of these pants…. This one being one of the worst. We affectionately called them ‘diaper dump pants’.
      Myself and a bunch of the girls I was with, tried some one, and we all bought a pair (all of us got the one’s that aren’t so ‘diaper dump’ looking), so when we have Spain reunions, we can all wear these dumb pants in public.

  3. Le gag! Why would anyone wear anything that makes their crotch junk look stretched out and stressed out?

  4. These are all over Europe, although there are less tacky versions. They’re actually quite comfy and kinda fun…yeah I’m guilty of wearing these. But I do live abroad, so I have an excuse, I think.

  5. Jan

    I actually tried these on and considered getting them. Luckily my good sense returned to me quickly. Still, i feel so ashamed.

  6. Anonymous

    These are actually all the rage in Spain! Wait a year and they’ll be cool in America too…

  7. Jigsaw Jones

    I wore these when I was in 8th grade. In 19fuckin90.

  8. Molly

    There is actually an explanation for these! Hip European chicks wear pants like that all the time!

    I didn’t say it was a good explanation.

  9. I call them “Itookadumpinmy pants”

  10. K

    Perfect for those that can’t afford the new more underwear-like Depends. Just wash them and ring them out.



  12. Giselle

    has anyone ever seen the masturbating bear on Conan?

  13. Terri

    They’re like Zubaz gone worse, and the crotch is just absurd.

  14. Kiri Anne

    Is it wrong to sort of like those shoes?

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