WTF is Wrong with Me?

Maybe it’s the loving glow that Valentine’s Day has cast upon me this year, but I am kind of liking this jumpsuit.

Strapless Knit Jumper: $15.50

It just feels so sexy and 70’s, like something Bianca Jagger or a young Anjelica Huston would lounge around in by the pool.

On the other hand, it’s all fun and games until someone walks in on you in the cabana bathroom taking a piss with your tits out because this thing is too impractical to be in more than one piece.

You decide.



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9 responses to “WTF is Wrong with Me?

  1. jajajaaaaaaaaa i just cant stop laughing, you are hilarious!!!!

  2. OMG, I’m crying. I’m laughing so hard. Goddamn, I love you and this site.

  3. Chinita

    i love it…i have it too! but in blue

  4. Kendra

    Only a Victoria’s Secret model could pull this outfit off…(no curves, concave stomach, no boobs, long limbs, 5’9 and above height requirement) Thanks f21 for considering 3% of the population while creating your masterpieces.

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  6. Giselle

    haha reminds me of my friend who loves rompers. she does have to get completely naked to pee

  7. Jazmine

    No fugly floral print? No left over fabric swatches? No shit colored tie dye? No animal parts? Paired with the right accessories (as shown), this romper is decent. Maybe not Wonderful Wednesday material, but it’s nice!

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