Petro Zillia Brings WTFashions to Forever 21

Last night was a WTFest of epic proportions.

The Forever 21 at the Glendale, CA Americana threw a shindig to celebrate the arrival of Petro Zillia’s new line, exclusive to the retailer, and when I say that the clothes were tasteful, well made and appropriate for women of all ages I am FUCKING LYING.

Multi colored horizontal stripes in a tube top that would barely fit one of the average woman’s boob and leave absolutely nothing to the imagination of whatever kind of man, woman or child who hangs around people that actually wear pink striped tube tops.

Everything in the collection struck me as being inspired by the underage sex tourism trade in Brazil. Most of the clothes are constructed of stretchy, zipperless fabrics – easy to take off, hike up or move to the side and even easier throw back on. Seriously, if I saw a young girl in that tube top and matching shorts combo I would automatically assume there was something very, very wrong at home.

Pretty much everything in the collection has super brightly colored horizontal stripes. The fact that they only look good on very skinny women or little girls under the age of 12 makes me even more suspicious about their target audience.

There was a large table of sweets and a handful of young women (NOT wearing anything from the collection) passing out pink gummie bears and lollipops.

A couple of cotton candy girls swirled up cones for shoppers while a DJ blasted top 40 hits toward the front of the store.

They even had a raffle and gave away several pieces from the collection to (lucky?) winners.

All to distract people from realizing they were about to buy THIS:

Prices in the collection range from $11.80 to $29.80 and everything can be found online here. Or you could just wait a few weeks and get your stretchy, striped hotpants in the bargain bin.

Forever 21, Rory Beca’s Line Better Make up for This.



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30 responses to “Petro Zillia Brings WTFashions to Forever 21

  1. Letty

    The candy part is appealing.

  2. Concerned Citizen

    A. What is a Petro Zillia?
    B. Does it design costumes for barely legal kiddie porn?

  3. FYTShirts

    Oh dear lord, these are horrible. They look like the same type of clothes that fill the trash bins at the local flea market because no one wants to buy or sell these. I bet they will burn nicely, probably the only thing they can be used for a this point. 😀

  4. Anonymous

    Check out that model’s expression, says it all! she can’t believe she’s modeling THAT.

  5. love it!

    WWD mentioned that you decided to stay put and keep up your blog after Forever 21 sent a C&D. So happy you did. Thanks to your blog I’ve been laughing all morning-right on point and so damn funny. Seriously, they need to pull the stick out and calm down. Or maybe rethink a few store items…either way…this particular collection reminded me of all the short terry cloth jumpers I wore the summer before I started 6th grade.

  6. Why does Petro Zillia hate women?

  7. Clare

    This site is hilarious! These people who can’t find the humor in your blog are the same people who claim “whatever’s on the radio” is their favorite music, lemmings. I found your site through a news article about the lawsuit while driving from Seattle back to LA, you’ve kept me and the bf in stitches! The Glendale Americana store is my home store and I’d be lying if I said I havnt walked through the racks and picked out weird stuff just to try on and laugh at! The thing that really gets me is that these designs were green lighted! Some group of ppl sat around a board room and said Yes to these designs and not others! Mind blowing! Keep up the fabulous work!

  8. Chinita

    LMFAO thats how i felt when we had to promote this….aka none of my employees promoted this launch. oh man your site makes me happy inside. and those items are still hanging in the sale section…untouched

  9. I am sorry. You can think those clothes are ridiculous – think whatever you want. But don’t ever say it was “inspired” by underage sexual tourism in Brazil. First because it is not something to be inspired about. And second, I bet you have never been in Brazil or even read carefully about it. If you’re not going to help, don’t say anything about it. Just keep posting about shitty fashions. Thats why people are here for, not for this ridiculous comparisons.

    • Anonymous

      get over yourself

      • Sol

        She’s kind of right… I live in Brazil, and visited most of it, and really, I have NEVER seen kids prostitutes. NEVER. I know that it exists, everybody knows. But they exist as they do in any other place, in Europe, Asia and even in America. I’ve visited the US many times, and seen people wearing some bitchy outfits that most of the brazilian people I know would never wear. I’m not trying to say that Brazil is better that anywhere else, I have to admit, I really love the US and think it’s a really organized place, and everything works, and you don’t see homeless people walking around… But really: have any of you guys REALLY visited Brazil? Then you should, before talking crap about it. Because really, it is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Of course we have prostitutes. But the US has too. So what the fuck do you mean by attacking Brazil like that???

  10. Kendra

    If the clothing was tasteful, appealing, and appropriate then it wouldn’t be sold at forever 21!

  11. Moochysmoochy

    Well, this collection would work only if you live in a Brazil where you can wear barely nothing and get away with it.



  13. Sam

    So I’m pretty sure the designer was going off of the bright color stripe trend for spring/summer (a la Prada ) but something went horribly, horribly wrong. I could see some of these things working for like… children’s pajamas. But not for teenagers. Creepy.

  14. Terri

    This collection is disgusting, pretty much for all the reasons you stated. The tube top and shorts look like reconstituted bath towels.

    And please don’t ever grow up. You are much more fun this way 🙂

  15. Casey

    Okay, in all fairness, I’ve seen shorts like that before. In dancewear catalogs. Meant to be worn in dance studios – NOT on the streets – by people who are also wearing leotards, tights, and legwarmers so as to not look like underaged Brazilian prostitutes.

    That cardigan is just NO. It looks like something Strawberry Shortcake or Rainbow Brite would wear after they joined the sex trade.

    And is that tube top made out of terrycloth? Oh, this just gets better and better.

    Which begs the question: Who exactly is this “Petro Zillia” person, and how the blue bleeding hell did s/he manage to get an “exclusive” line for F21? Were the buyers on crack or something?

    • ringtheory

      She’s a local designer in LA. I really would love to know what the inspiration was behind these designs. They’re just unfathomably bad.

  16. Marilyn

    WTF blogger… You just seem like an insecure little hater that is unhappy with the world and her standing in it.

    You are not witty, nor funny. It scares me that dumb ass bloggers like you have your “little” voices that people listen to and that you represent the youth of today… Good luck helping ruin the world! Oh and enjoy having no Social Security when you grow up! Thanks!

  17. Mut

    Awesome post. And it’s nice to see the ho-ification of America is continuing unopposed thanks to lazy inattentive parents.

  18. Wow, I didn’t realize how short that cardigan was until i saw the last picture…. That’s just wrong….

    I do like the shorts and belt in the fourth picture

  19. Colleen

    all those shorts need now is a prominent “JUICY” across the rear. Just what I want my daughters wearing in a few short years…..

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