5 Old WTF Trends that Need to be Retired

Forever 21 has made their fortune selling cheap trend items to the masses and although I respect everyone’s right to safely shop for items of the moment, there are a few things still in stores that should have stopped existing by now.


Stupid Owl Accessories

I still haven’t figured out how wearing the wisest bird in the animal kingdom on your person makes you look so effing stupid.


Dumb Ass Sublimation Tops

Basically anything with those stretch marking looking lines over the print of the shirt needs to stop. It looks like some lazy form of tie-dye and it’s so ugly even hippies won’t wear it. Stop it.


Lamé. It’s spelled that way for a reason.


Ridiculous Gladiator Sandals

You know what these could use? More straps. Leave away from here, Gladiator Sandals. You’ve had enough.


Accessories, Clothing, Etc. with Feathers

Despite the fact that I have never actually seen anyone in real life wear a feathered accessory, Forever 21 keeps cranking out these oversize cat toys. I can only hope they’re being purchased and then shredded to bits by irate felines in homes across America.

Forever 21, WTF?



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17 responses to “5 Old WTF Trends that Need to be Retired

  1. Hannah

    you are horrible critic with horrible opinions and horrible taste. GET A LIFE.

  2. Letty

    I think 1, 4 and 5 are fine.. I have an owl necklace myself. You won’t see me wearing 5 but it looks cute on certain people.

  3. On The DLG

    I agree with everything but the gladiator sandals. I’ve always loved strappy flat sandals. But everything else need to go asap. Love your website.

  4. FYTShirts

    Someone needs to put all these items on at once and take a picture. Then we can all see how terrible this crap really is.

  5. Hilary

    OWL NECKLACES ARE DISGUSTIN im glad you pointed that out! thankyou!

  6. Anonymous

    Sorry to disagree, but I actually like the owl necklaces. There are far worse “trends” or whatever you want to call them, plus they’re actually kinda cute when paired with the right top or dress whatever you like. I’d rather the fake feather jewelry, or peacock feathers, rather than rooster feather hair extensions, at least peacocks naturally shed their feathers, why kill an animal for their feathers. I’ve seen women wear each of the jewelry item, and they looked fine. Harem pants (yes, I have a crotch(?)), gladiator shoes (seriously wtf are these?!?!), rompers (shapeless silhouette, yay!) lame, sequins, any shiny blinding fabric, and those stupid lace/doily wraps (grandma’s couch covers) are my least favorites. The “trend” I really don’t get are ugg boots with short-shorts, you’re dressed for 1000 degree weather on top, but you feet are ready for -1000 degree temperatures.

  7. witjunkie

    That’s what it’s called, sublimation? I can’t even express in words the loathing I feel for it. The worst part is, I’ll see a cute print dress and think, hey! and then get closer and there’s the white underpleats – gaak – happens every time. And it’s every-freaking-where. And it’s been around for-freaking-ever. E-nuff.

  8. I actually love feathers, i don’t think it looks that bad. 🙂

  9. WTFDC

    Is the girl in the lame dress the winner of ANTM? That Nicole chick from North Dakota? Look JUST like her.

  10. Sam

    I also really hate the feather trend. This is not Pandora. I also hate that trend of feather hair extensions. TOTALLY CREEPY.

  11. Sam

    I feel justified in my enjoyment of owl stuff as my school mascot is an owl and everyone likes to show school spirit by wearing owl stuff. However I wish there would be a new animal trend because everything with owls on it is getting old.

    I despise sublimation. Those were ugly when I was in middle school.

  12. Wednesday

    I haaaate Gladiator sandals
    harem pants + gladiator sandals = crime against fashion (and humanity)

  13. Amy G

    Ugh. #2. I. Cannot. Stand. Sublimation. It basically looks like they spray painted a shirt while it was wrinkled. How is that attractive?

    I actually don’t have a problem with feather earrings, I think they can be done tastefully. However, I don’t like necklaces with gaudy feathers hanging off them. It’s just a weird disconnect with the heavy metal and then the feathers. I’d never thought about it before, but they really do look like cat toys lol.

    I like gladiator “inspired” shoes, like shorter ones with fewer straps are better…they look more cute and less year 200 B.C.

    And lame is ugly, in my opinion. haha

    • ringtheory

      Yeah, I really seriously don’t get the sublimation thing. It looks terrible. And gladiator inspired is more like just a sandal with normal straps, right? Not some multi-layered monstrosity that pinches your foot skin and makes you look like a douchebag.

  14. Aldo

    I do not agree with 1. I like owls. I don’t actually own any but I think they look cute.

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