Wonderful Wednesday: Valentine’s Day Edition

Once a week, for but a brief 24 hour period, we press pause on the mini series of hate that is WTForever 21 and give propers to F21 for their thrifty and wonderful selections.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, this Wednesday we’re bringing the sex.

Peep Toe Heels: $22.80

Hold on to your thongs, this is Wonderful Wednesday. ON BOTTOM

Bodycon Skort: $5.50

Only to be worn if you have the legs for it, this very mini skirt has the built in booty flash protection of boy shorts underneath.

Draped Wrap Skirt: $19.80

Curve hugging and body conscious. The material looks soft and touchable.


Jersey Slub Tunic with Belt: $14.99

Clingy, pink and showing just a peak of cleavage.

Sexy Asymmetrical Tunic: $27.80

Deceptively simple, slinky with a hint of sparkle.

Pleated Knit Dress: $17.80

Never underestimate the powerhouse combo of some good old fashioned T&A in a LBD.


Flora Scalloped Thong: $2.50

Hide a little candy colored goodness to be discovered later underneath your outfit after your Valentine’s Day adventure.

Mesh Baby Doll with Garter Belt: $14.80

Va-va-voom it up – it’s only $15 so you also don’t have to worry about getting any stains on it. Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge. Skeet, skeet.

Forever 21, Sexual.



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2 responses to “Wonderful Wednesday: Valentine’s Day Edition

  1. ella

    forever 21, sexual

    love it

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