Men’s Harem Pants

They’ve done it.

Ribbed Trimmed Five Pocket Jeans: $29.90

They’ve finally figured out a way to trick men into trying on harem pants.

A reader and Forever 21 employee alerted me to these.

Oh, sure, at first glance they look semi-normal, but take a closer gander.

Major DBS (Deflated Booty Syndrome)? HAREM PANTS.

No matter how you slice it, from every angle it looks like harem pants for men. SHAME.

Forever 21, WTF?



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13 responses to “Men’s Harem Pants

  1. Letty

    Exhibit A is the one with an issue, an ex of mine wanted to buy a pair of pants like that last summer, problem? He’s 5’4”, way too short to rock pants like that.. how embarassing.

  2. also looks like maternity pants for men.

  3. Design: Omar The Tentmakers blind mum…

  4. Anonymous

    I could see these on a total douche, but I guess they need clothes too. Other than that, seriously, what guy would wear these, I usually like their dark denim jeans, they’re actually not bad, but these?!?! wtf?!?!?

  5. A and C are unfuckingforgiveable. That is the kindest thing that I can say.

  6. Anonymous

    Not bad at all. I like it

  7. Moochysmoochy

    wow, I had no idea men were wearing harem pants too! pretty funny!

  8. Star

    umm plenty of other retailers do mens harem pants; zara, american apparel, H&M its a trend.

  9. These are the new strip club pants! A guy told me that dudes wear sweatpants to the strip club so they can “feel” things more.

  10. Mittens

    Your font and color choice happen to be very unreadable on my computer screen, I recommend you fix this.

    Here, have a look

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