Perfect Super Bowl Outfit

Oh yes.

Loop Yarn Sweater Vest: $17.99

Guacamole and vomit stains will blend right the eff into this doodoo colored thing.

Forever 21, Game on.



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8 responses to “Perfect Super Bowl Outfit

  1. This looks like something my great-aunt would wear on Halloween in the hopes of passing for some sort of furry woodland creature.

  2. Letty

    I like the pompom part.

  3. It’s shag carpeting you can wear.

  4. Moochysmoochy

    very ugly! why bother wasting materials to make such an ugly thing!

  5. Wednesday

    Wow, that vest just brings the sexy doesn’t it?!

  6. Giselle

    hah for your inner muppet

  7. Terri

    You can even dab at the corners of your mouth with the pom poms.

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