WTF do you Think?

As anyone who ever turned on the radio in 2005 knows, it can, indeed, be hard out here for a pimp.

SO, I am thinking about slapping some Adsense on the blog as a side dish to all this WTF.

This is mostly so I can give away more fashions from Forever 21, both fantastic and totally fucked.

Just imagine … all this could someday be yours:

Zebra Print Canvas Flats: $12.80

Flower Print Jumpsuit: $24.80

Three Compartment Rose Wallet: $9.80

Think about it.



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5 responses to “WTF do you Think?

  1. Letty

    The shoes and wallet are a-okay with me.

  2. Anonymous

    coming in pretty late in the game…but I think you should have F21 ads mixed in 😉

  3. yasmine

    K I have to agree that some of the stuff in forever 21, but seriously, stop fucking hating… if you dont like the stuff, just DONT.WEAR.IT. simple as that. and YES, they actually do have really nice jumpsuits, and idk if you’ve noticed, but ALOT of celebs have been wearing jumpsuits. so yea. TOMS are also in style.. so yea, STFU

    • Letty

      Agreed, I agree with some of the things on this site ’cause there are pretty gaudy items in Forever 21, but a lot of its styles are great for an affordable price, some of these posts make fun of items but I find the reasons rather ridiculous-_-

  4. mayra

    Honestly, I really like the rose wallet, it reminds me a lot of the purse my mom had when I was a kid.

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