Damn, ya’ll. You touched me.

Your stories of love, loss and banging outfits on VDay’s past warmed my cold, black, WTFing little heart.

So many of you had hilarious. romantic or tragic tales and you all wore awesome outfits, but just like a battle to death in one of the Highlander movies, there can only be one … winner of the contest.

But since this isn’t Highlander I chose two.

Coming in at first place with my favorite story AND favorite outfit:


Last year, I had just moved to the United States. I left my boyfriend of 1 year in Singapore. I was lonely and heartbroken on Valentine’s day, because my boyfriend wasn’t answering his phone. I was walking around in the local mall, moping, and suddenly, I get a text message from him, asking where I was. I told him, and 15 minutes later he swoops me up into his arms and kisses me on the lips. He flew 9,000 miles. I was wearing a pink sweetheart dress from f21, and a jade necklace. :} Best Day ever.

And in second place with the WORST VDay story I have ever heard (and she’s got the scar to prove it):


My boyfriend was working (food services), so I decided that I’d go out with some of my single friends to our local bar. We were just gonna have some drinks and chill out. I decided to drive my scooter to save on gas despite it being pretty cold outside.

So I get downtown, and there’s a cat sitting in the median of the road. It wasn’t moving, but as soon as I was about to pass it, it jumped out in front of my scooter. It hit the cat dead-on and flipped my bike as it slid down the road. I landed on my hands, lost a shoe even. The car behind me didn’t even STOP. So I get everything out of the street and call my boyfriend at work. He couldn’t leave to take me to the hospital. I was stranded downtown. I hobbled into the back door of a restaurant kitchen in search for a first aid kit and had a cute waiter patch me up. When my boyfriend finally got off work, instead of coming over to help or go to the hospital, he decided to go have drinks with his co-workers.

I couldn’t walk for about a week and years later, I have a massive scar that lines the curve up my hipbone where I hit the pavement. Needless to say, we broke up.

She was wearing: Jeans, a huge coat, gloves, everything. It didn’t matter. I ate the pavement hard.


Ladies, ladies, ladies. Like all women you deserve everything your pink little brain desires on Valentine’s Day and this year you will both be guaranteed to at least get ONE thing you want.

Congratulations. A magical Valentine’s memory is in the mail.



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  1. Chelsea

    what happened to the poor cat?

  2. Wednesday

    Congrats to the winner!

  3. Amanda

    😀 No way. THANK YOU!

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