Rams Head Ring

Look, how cute.

Ram Ring: $3.80

It’s the severed and bronzed head of the smallest ram on the planet.

When I look at this all I can see is a stop motion cartoon of a Ken doll waking up in the morning to find this thing and an ounce of blood in the sheets of his Malibu Dream House bed.

Forever 21, Why do you Make me Make Godfather References?



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11 responses to “Rams Head Ring

  1. Justin

    I bought the ring in both gold and silver…and actually bought two of each because they are cheap and tarnish…

  2. Rachel

    I have this ring! I loved it until about 30 seconds ago , but now I feel like a tool :-/ Le sigh.

  3. Link

    Haha, creepy! It’s kind of satanic looking.

  4. Isobella


    i loved LOVED the Godfather reference!!!

  5. I actually kinda like it, but probably only cause my college mascot is a Ram…

    • ringtheory

      Of COURSE it is! Thanks for pointing this out. This is probably the worst rip-off job I’ve seen from them. It’s identical!

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