WTForever 21 Friday Funday!

Of the numerous perks we large city dwellers enjoy, having stores throw little parties in our local branches has got to be best.

Well, at least top 10.

Petro Zillia (who, judging by the model’s clothing and his online store, is JUST the type of designer we here at WTForever 21 LUH-UVVVVV) is apparently releasing his creations on the shopping public at my local F21 on Friday, Feb. 11!

No, seriously, I give a buttload of fucks.

I haven’t been this jazzed about a party at a store since BevMo gave away magnums of champagne and jelly shooters at their latest opening.

No, that didn’t happen in real life, but if it had I would have been FIRST in line and SUPER jazzed.

The Americana at Brand

Friday, February 11th from 6 – 9pm

I’ll be wearing this big son of a bitch below on my head, so if you see me there, throw a little WTF my way!

Be there, or be effed.



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3 responses to “WTForever 21 Friday Funday!

  1. I know that model! She went to my school (she would still be here if she wasn’t modeling)

    • ringtheory

      Haha. I’m assuming you mean high school, which is hilarious. I like you, Yasemin. I like your cattiness. I like your style.

      • Yes I mean high school, and no I was not trying to be catty. I am currently in high school and she is a grade above me! Haha so she really would still be here if she weren’t modeling.

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