Wonderful Wednesday: Nautical Nom Nom

Developing a sense for effortlessly cool and chic style can take most people years of fashion mishaps to fully achieve.

There is however one way to skip all the haute heartache and go straight to being in vogue.

Striped 3/4 Sleeve Top: $19.90

The crisp, clean colors and flattering feel of nautical clothes.

Come sail away. It’s Wonderful Wednesday.

High Waist Flair Jeans: $19.80

Braid Belt Striped Tunic: $11.80

A good standard as well as a basic staple, the thinner stripes on this top are more flattering to all sizes.

Textured Knit Cardigan: $22.80

Trench Coat with Contrast Piping: $34.80

Beautiful Knit Scarf: $10.80

Rust colored and soft. Perfectly ready to keep the nape of your neck warm on a windy day and add a pop of red to your look.

Silk Draped Top: $22.80

The nautical look involves the colors red, white, blue and khaki and features stripes, boatnecks, dockers, loose fitting sweaters and pants. Stay within the color scheme and almost anything goes.

Knit Button Up Top: $9.50

Wide Leg Pant: $26.00

Fab Striped Knit Skirt: $8.50

Etched Hoop Set: $3.80

When it comes to nautical dress accessories, always go for gold. These hoops have an etched rope-like design.

Heart Shell Necklace: $5.80

F1464 Sunglasses: $5.80

The tortoise shell gives the classic aviator a little more sturdy and serious look.

Forever 21, wonderful.



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8 responses to “Wonderful Wednesday: Nautical Nom Nom

  1. I love all of these pieces! The nautical trend is so wearable!

    • ringtheory

      I agree and the store is pushing it right now for their spring stuff. It really is the perfect way to dress for the emerging warmer weather without giving up some of colder weather comfort clothes.

  2. f21 employee

    Large stores (XXIs) will get pretty much every item posted online but we get maybe 25-30 of most things (unless it’s a fab find/ends in .50 rather than .80). If you see an item you really want online, call your local store and ask them to look it up for you (you need the product code listed online) or write it down and take it to the store with you. As long as it isn’t busy (weekday mornings are best), someone should be willing to look it up for you. If you’re up early, call before the store opens and ask… that way no one should be too busy to look for you! Oh and we’re constantly putting out new merchandise so don’t be surprised if you’re leaving and see something you swear wasn’t there the first/second/third time you walked by the same fixture. It was probably put there when you were on the other side of the store! lol.

    • ringtheory

      Wow! And here I thought I was just being paranoid. So it’s TRUE. I love when F21 employees write in and clear things up. Thanks for the insights!

  3. Jazmine

    Day-ummm, they’re on a roll. Now if I can only find these pieces in stores, that would be of great help. LOL

    • ringtheory

      It is a little annoying that not every single item is always in stock and the fact that the stores are so cramped makes it harder to single out the stuff you really want.

      • mimi

        You should come to Southern California if you’re annoyed about the cramped f21 stores. Pretty much every location has been upgraded in size and the newer locations are H-U-G-E! They’ve taken over vacant department store floors and the spaces are so massive [50,000 square feet] that sometimes my feet hurt after a 2 hour shopping session….just inside f21. It makes me tired just thinking about it. Our old f21 was only 7,000 square feet. I’ve heard that the one in NYC’s Times Square is 90k square feet in size.

        • ringtheory

          I know. I’ve definitely spent more than my fair share of hours in Forever 21. It’s fun but also kind of sick. And it’s packed to the gills. Every time I leave the store, right as I am just about to walk out I see something I didn’t see until just then. HOW? How is it possible??

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