Wonderful Wednesday: Minimalist Magic

According to Elle online, Spring 2011 will be all about minimalism.

In the spirit of clean lines and colors that make the clothes all about the cut, we’ll try to say as little as possible about these terrifically sparse selections from Forever 21.

Nicolette Trim Pumps: $25.80

It’s going to be hard.

Wonderful Wednesday: Commence.


Draped Ruffle Dress: $24.80

Hidden Button Coat: $42.80

Curved Circle Earrings: $3.80

Pyramid Textured Wallet: $7.50


Silk Spaghetti Strap Top: $10.99

Fab Knit Pencil Skirt: $5.50

Mod Swing Coat: $37.80

Curved Stone Ring: $4.80

Diagonal Striped Clutch: $12.80


Modal Knit Tunic: $15.80

Contrast Hoop Earrings: $2.80

Textured Metal Stretch Bracelet: $6.80

Sierra Leatherette Bag: $24.80

Suedette Studded Ankle Boots: $29.80

High Polish Metal Clip: $1.50

F5546 Sunglasses: $5.80

Forever 21, Wonderful.





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10 responses to “Wonderful Wednesday: Minimalist Magic

  1. Anonymous

    PS. That Hair clip for under 2 bucks is a rip off from a Designer called Ted Muehling

  2. =

    Stop shopping ladies. lol. flip-flop guy here bringing ultra-cool to minimalism. It is all about happiness. Stuff doesn’t make me happy except my flippie-floppies. Enjoying your time that matters. I’ve been a minimalist and enjoy my life and don’t let society dictate my happiness cause flip-flop guy is ultra-cool. flipflopguyblog.blogspot.com

  3. Anonymous

    so um, why do you hate F21 so much? i dont get why you waste your time like this…

  4. cj

    Love the orange summer shirt, but I would look like I had a liver condition in it I think.

  5. Wednesday

    Ooh, these are beautiful. The dress under the hidden button coat is gorgeous.

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