WTFairy Freak Show

There’s something quite disturbing about these.

Vibrant Mannequin Jewel Stand: $8.80

It’s as if sprite sized versions of Romi and Michelle live in your night stand and there’s a dress for every occasion.

This must be their outfit “for the club.”

And for when they time travel to the future.

And finally, for when they get married. (As if those little tramps is ever going to trick a ring out of a man. Who are they fooling?)

Root through their tiny, trampy closet here.

Forever 21,




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4 responses to “WTFairy Freak Show

  1. yasmine

    k ya seriously i have like 2 of these and theyre really cute for holding rings and braclets. so umm ya, STFU.

  2. I actually bought one of these – it wasn’t one of the ones pictured – it has like, this black dress with flowers on it. I really like it, and plus I have an assload of rings that I never wear but want to pretend that I wear so that the fact that I have them doesn’t confuse me as much.

  3. Miriam

    I actually think these are really cute!

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